Writing thoughts: Downsides of creative surge

In the days after returning from my holiday (which I am describing day by day in my posts), I was back to writing after two weeks of break where I did not even touch it, though I was thinking about it. Even though I found myself having very little time to think about it when I was busy hiking, what time I had… well, I made it count really well.

After my return, I hit it hard. From Monday to Friday, I busted out 8 chapters at incredible 27700 words! Sometimes it went far too easy and I struggled to keep writing fast enough to not forget the details of my thoughts. But this writing rush brings some downsides to it…

Most of them are only visible when I read it for myself after being done, something I did a bit yesterday to see how some parts look, especially those I was concerned about the most. What I was writing is one of the crucial points in the story and I sure wanted to do it right.

But when I bash they keyboard like mad, it inevitably leads to terrifying amount of mistakes. Sometimes it’s just misspelling, which is usually swiftly exposed by spellcheck. Then it might be doubling words as I make a lil stops to rethink the sentence, then continue without looking and at the place where I stopped, a word is placed twice. MS Word seems to be doing well for catching that, so still good.

What is a bit worse and eventually can make me be like, “I really wrote THAT?” is when I swap words, or in the rush, use a word I used a bit back in the sentence instead of what I wanted to use, to the point the sentence is nonsense. Happens mostly when the unintentionally used word has same first letter and same (give or take one letter) length.

And then there’s the same with phrases that are similar in beginning and in my rush, I sometimes happen to use the incorrect one. Example from this week: I used “come to pass” and two sentences, I wanted to use “come to terms with (something)”. I used the first again in the rush.

I guess my proofreading for second draft will be nightmare. The pile of notes (as I proofread it on kindle, not on the PC) I will make will grow fast I guess…

Since I made a post about my writing, a bit of update on the current progress. I’ve breached the 400.000 words written milestone in grand total, including the demo/sample I did before truly starting.

The future first book is in early beta version at some 240.000 words. I think I am still well on track for being done in 7/2018.

The second one I am not working on between proofreading and editing the first one, is at 150.000 words, so a bit over 50% done with the first draft as I expect the length to be roughly the same. I don’t dare guessing when that would be done, but seems much earlier than the original plan for summer 2021.

Since that is some 390.000 words, I’ll complete it and say that the rest is the sample (24.000) and there are some “deleted scenes” – something I might talk about some other day.

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