Writing tips

I’ve been learning mostly by trial and error, realizing only late that I could find tips on the internet – and learn a lot that way.

I’m no expert but I try to share what I’ve learned. The first thing I’d tell everyone, however, is that writing is a diverse activity and there’s no one-way-fits-all approach. From the first idea to the moment you’re about to publish your first book, and even beyond that, there are many approaches and everyone needs to find out what works the best for them. Still, there are some milestones through this process.

One of the major decisions is whether to publish the traditional way, or to self-publish. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages – some are facts, some are down to personal preference, and I’ve made this comparison.

If you’re interested in the traditional way, then you’d have to look for more information among the people who took this route. I can offer you a to-do list for self-publishing, which includes when to take care of those tasks. And I can also offer you some tips for seeking feedback on your writing.

And you can also browse my old blog posts, for which I have a handy shortcut to the filter of inspiration– and resources-tagged posts.

In addition to that, below are links to a few past blog mini-series: one about seasonal inspiration, one about various aspects of character death, and another about clichés.

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