A village girl with a keen eye and attention to detail, Shianna Featherfoot is a talented archer trainee and the best friend of Tyr’eshal Darkwood.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: 19 (as of Eternal Defenders Chapter one)
  • Affiliation: Elven army
  • Physical skills: archery, riding, unarmed combat
  • Magical skills: none
  • Other skills: wood carving
  • Related characters: Tyr’eshal (best friend), Marshal Lumilan (superior)

Shianna, as many archers, has the typical athletic build. She has brown eyes and brown hair she cuts short for practical reasons – to make sure it does not get entangled with the arrows in her quiver.

Shianna is observant and agile, a perfect combination of traits for someone striving to become a ranger. She’s a lighthearted person, rarely allowing her darker or sadder thoughts to linger.

Childhood and training

Shianna was born to a pair of villagers who fortunately saw her talents and allowed her to pursue military training. She outperformed most of her classmates in the first months with a combination of energy, determination, and talent.

During her first year, she was approached by Tyr’eshal Darkwood, a talented warrior trainee only a month younger than she is. Sharing the burden of exceptional talent, the two became close friends, spending much of their free time together.


Shortly after finishing her training, Shianna enlisted the elven army. Skilled archers being in a short supply, the army easily found a way to utilize Shianna’s talents.

The Eternal Defenders trilogy will show Shianna as a supportive friend and skilled archer. Despite being someone who prefers to fight from distance, Shianna will eventually show she won’t hesitate engaging in less favorable conditions if the situation demands it – and if lives of friends are in danger. Thought her friendship with Tyr’eshal, she’ll become involved with the Order of Eternal Defenders.