Etian Windwalker

Since youth, Etian demostrated a deeper connection to the elements and the powers of nature itself. He began to study how to use this understanding as a shaman but his curiosity made him wish for finding a way to use these skills more actively than most shamans ever consider.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: ca. 450 years
  • Affiliation: The Eternals, Eternal Defenders
  • Physical skills: none
  • Magical skills: elemental/shamanistic magic
  • Related characters: Maelian (mentor)

As most shamans, Etian is lean, his body having minimal musculature or body fat. He has shoulder-long hair in vibrant green color often typical for shamans. Despite his young age, Etian has a short stubble of facial hair. As most shamans, he usually wears simple linen clothes. His eventual battle garb consists of several pieces of equipment enchanted to serve as conduits of his power – made in accordance with nature itself.

Fighting for life itself

Etian proved to be a capable student. Yet, the usual use of his abilities did not appeal to him. He often wondered about the possibility to harness his power – and the power of the elements – against the enemies of nature. Despite failing to find such an use, he trained hard and mastered several such spells.

His wish eventually came true. As Kraasian Darkwood wished to escalate the conflict against demons, Tyr’eshal Darkwood had the idea of using life’s power against their enemies. Having no idea how to find someone capable of doing so, Tyr’eshal suggested this to Ereanel Owlbeak who, in turn, contacted Elder Shaman Maelian, Etian’s mentor.

Thus, Etian joined Kraasian’s team, finally getting his chance to unleash the power of four elements against the demons…

Etian’s powers will help the efforts Kraasian started in several ways and Etian’s skills will be put to a good use during the trilogy.