Bestiary: demons

Demons are violent creatures infused and corrupted by dark magic to such a degree that they have no need to eat or sleep, being fueled by magic alone. They come in several shapes and sizes from small, beastly ones to large humanoids.

With the exception of sucubbi, demons encountered on the battlefield are exclusively males. Their females are presumed to be broodmothers on the worlds conquered by the demons, spawning more demons as fast as biologically possible.


A small demon in the shape of a hyena with tough red skin instead of the usual canine fur. These demonic beasts have very sharp teeth and powerful legs. The demons use them as scouts or as a way to disrupt the defensive lines of their enemy, especially if they expect humanoid enemies and are unprepared for charging beasts.


Gruntlings are somewhere between a bestial and a humanoid demon, vaguely resembling a red-skinned gorilla. Slightly taller than a dwarf and with powerful arms, they usually run on all fours and attack with bare hands. Their powerful strikes can often surprise an unprepared opponent. They are used to initiate the fight and disrupt the defenders, acting as cannon fodder and bait for archers to exhaust them before the true dangers get to the battlefield.


These are the base demon warriors and the most common demon species – almost unlimited in numbers. Around two meters tall humanoids with horns on their heads, their skin either dark red or outright black. Sometimes, if they are infused with magic to make them stronger, spots or ornaments in green color can cover their bodies.

These demons usually wield two large weapons in their muscular hands, charging the enemy with sheer brutality. In case they are needed to defend a location, they are usually wearing a simple chest armor.


Demonic warlocks similar to the talgrashi in appearance and speculated to be a subspecies. They are masters of dark magic, using it either for offense and curses used on the enemy or to create defensive shields around the talgrashi warriors. Ash’terai demons are usually garbed in robes covered by runes of dark magic, some even having these runes etched to their skin.


Grey-skinned female demons roughly meter-and-half tall with short horns on their heads and a pair of bat-like wings. Their skills consist of mind-affecting magic and are often used to guard targets of value.


Elite warriors around three meters tall, sometimes compared to a demonic version of an ogre. These muscular creatures push their way through battlefield wielding massive weapons, often bolstered by dark magic that makes them almost invincible. Their strength is so immense that blocking their attacks will be unpleasant in the best case and potentially lethal in the worst.


Elite warlock demons. These are rarely seen on the battlefields, usually staying far behind, controlling the lesser demons from distance. Their mastery of magic is unrivaled, single of them can do more than a small squad of ash’terai. They rarely venture to the battlefields, being presumably quite rare.

Demon lords

The highest-ranked demons, twisted by dark magic to the point of not being visibly part of any species. These are the masterminds that never venture to the battlefield, controlling the demonic hordes from the safety of their bases, planning and scheming, never seen by their enemies unless they are extremely foolish or extremely brave to try cutting their way to the enemy’s headquarters – and reach it alive.