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Kindle Create review and guide

Today, I’ll look into the Kindle Create tool for formatting Kindle e-books in a mix of review and guide. I’ll share my opinion, the +/- of the software, and look at the basic functions.

Writing: Three ways to format an e-book

If you’re planning to self-publish your story, you’ll face many decisions. One of them is: how will you have your e-book formatted? I’ll present the three main options along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Writing/History: when the war isn’t really over

A slightly different post for today, a crossover for real history and fiction. Wars are often major parts in some types of books (Sci-Fi and Fantasy included) – and, sooner or later, both books and wars reach their end. The reality (which can be used well for fiction, as I’ll mention) may lead to a […]

Book review: Rise of the Dragonriders

In less than a month, I’ve read the Bond of the Dragon series, starting with Zahara’s gift, from its start to end. So, how’s the last book like? A lot like the third…

8/2020 Writing update

With the release of my debut growing closer, most of my focus was on the various tasks related to the pre-launch stuff I had to take care of. Now, let’s get the details.


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