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11/2021 Writing update

I’ve skipped the typical monthly update in October, but it’s back for November, even though there are still two days left in the month. There was progress, but a different kind that I maybe hoped for.

Book review: Road of a Warrior

The second book of R.K. Lander’s series follows the first book right away – and while the first one was focused on the dangers outside, this one delves more into the threats within.

Know the Novel part two: Within the WIP

In late October, I took up a challenge of sorts, three posts over three months to show more about my writing project. The first part was to introduce it, the second part – right here – is to show something about the project in progress.

Hiking: autumn and sunset

Hiking in autumn has its charm when the forests are painted in all sorts of colors. If the weather allows, I enjoy them a lot. This time, there was something else thrown into the mix…


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