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July hiking retrospective

This year, July has given me fewer chances to hike than I hope, due to weather. Of the five weekends, I’ve managed to go hiking only twice – but that’s something, and I took a couple of photos on my way, too.

7/2022 Summary

July has passed by quite fast. And while it wasn’t the worst month, it lagged behind expectations a bit. Let’s see why…

Creative anniversary

This July marks the 5-year anniversary of my blog and 7-year anniversary of my writing journey. So, I guess it’s time for a small retrospective and reflection.

Book review: The Butcher’s endsong

When the next book in James Harrington’s Drakin series was announced, I was quite hyped. More so when it was said it’ll follow another plotline concurrent to Empire of Ashes. And while I’m bad at managing my expectations… I wasn’t disappointed.


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