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Hiking: 2021’s head start

After the end of 2020, I haven’t expected much from myself when it comes to my physical activity at the start of 2021. The truth is: I quite surprised myself. Weather being (so far) relatively cooperative is a strong factor, but not the main one.

Farewell, 2020

2020 was a strange year, even for me who doubts I ever had a normal year. So, let’s look back at 2020, with some extra focus on December to also serve as the monthly wrap-up. And also some early 2021 plans – though, as 2020 has shown, it often feels like plans are good for […]

Inspiration: events and holidays

With the festive days being in full swing, I’m making a post to match it before I start summarizing the good and bad of 2020. So, the topic for today is: inspiration for events and holidays in fiction (with focus on fantasy).

Writing/reality: inspiration from conflict

As much as I avoid getting political, events in our world can be used as an inspiration – or a warning – for crafting fictional plots. This week, it’s 10 years since the events that started what was then called ‘Arab Spring’, though it’s more like yet another Arabian Failure, from the western point of […]


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