Shadowflame Cult

The Shadowflame cult was originally founded shortly after the demonic invasion by a group of power-hungry wizards who hoped to master the demonic magic and use it to take control over the world. Even though their efforts eventually failed and the cult was forced into hiding, they are a lasting problem often left underestimated.

Over the years, they became less radical but no less dangerous. Individuals join them for various reasons ranging from curiosity through greed or personal grudges to dreams of domination. Scheming from the shadows, they are hard to counter and will, in most cases, cause some chaos only to vanish before any action can be taken against them – or before they can be even connected to it.

Declared outlaws with bounties on their heads, they are forced to conceal their true identity which, in turn, makes any attempt on uncovering their power structure almost impossible.

The Shadoflame cult membership is almost exclusively male – while females are not prevented from joining, few elven females are desperate, power-hungry, or favoring violence enough to consider it.

Leadership: Shadowflame Conclave

The Shadowflame cult is lead by the Shadowflame Conclave: the Darksmaster as the supreme leader of the cult and a trio of High Cultists. The Darkmaster and each of the High Cultists also have one or two Darksworn – highly-skilled cultists to one day take their place.

The Darkmaster resides in the cult’s main fortress, far from prying eyes, creating his dark plans. The cult’s forces are deployed on the command of the three High Cultists (each in their own hideout) who also oversee the recruitment and training of those willing to join their cause, as well as giving them their nicknames.

Due to potential spoilers for the first book, details about individual members will be added when Eternal Defenders book two is near finished.