Order of Eternal Defenders

The Order of Eternal Defenders (often mentioned as ‘Eternal Defenders’ for short) was founded by Jandiel Darkwood and five of his friends – in fact, three pairs. To combat the demons, Jandiel went to ask the Eternal for blessing them and their descendant to protect their lands as it was obvious after the initial losses that it’ll need generations before the elves replenished their numbers to be able to actively fight back.

Since Jandiel, the Eternal Defenders became stronger with each generation and known for the best warriors and magi the elves had. Due to the actions of Maalos Darkwood, the Darkwood family gained a powerful ally in the Crystelan noble family and, through them, several privileges that helped them in their ancient duty.

The Eternal Defenders have no formal ruler; cooperating based on personal knowledge of their fellows and learning to fight together since one’s young age. Despite that, a Darkwood is often considered the leader because of their ancestry. As of the to-be Eternal Defenders book one, that mantle is worn by Kraasian Darkwood.