Kraasian Darkwood

Kraasian Darkwood is the heir of Darkwood family and the informal leader of the Order of Eternal Defenders. Experienced warrior with a gentler side few ever get a chance to see, he instills fear into the heart of his enemies by wielding a weapon many others would struggle to lift.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: ca. 2100 years (as of Eternal Defenders #1 beginning)
  • Affiliation: Order of Eternal Defenders
  • Home: Darkpine
  • Family status: Married, one child
  • Physical skills: melee warrior, casual rider
  • Magical skills: none
  • Related characters: Ellisia (wife/soulmate), Tyr’eshal (son), Ereanel (best friend), General Vigellus (good friend/’brother in arms’), Levian (good friend), King Venelaos, Captain San’druis (friends), Marshal Jaimos (personal enemy), Maalos Darkwood, Jandiel Darkwood, Tyreslan Darkwood (ancestors), Sagittus (patron/mentor)

Kraasian easily stands out in the crowd, with his 210cm of height he towers above almost anyone. Combined with his massively developed muscles, he’s an unstoppable mass of brute force that will push through anything in his way and should his bulk not be enough, his massive two-handed battle axe will.

Kraasian has green hair that he often cuts short to prevent it from becoming too messy and sticky under his helmet. Likewise, he keeps his facial hair trimmed to a short stubble.

Kraasian is straightforward in most aspects of his life. He says what he wants to say and will throw the harsh truth straight in anyone’s face. Despite that, he’s a loving husband and father – or a friend to enjoy some beer and roasted meat around a campfire.

Kraasian as he appears on the cover of Eternal Defenders #1

Ancestry: Bloodline of true warriors

The first one to bear the family name Darkwood was a warrior named Tyreslan who found beside the legendary Sagittus and, after ending the war ravaging the divided elven lands, founded Darkpine, the village that was the home of his descendants ever since. (The story of Tyreslan and Sagittus is something I’d like to touch at some point, presumably in the late 2020s)

The most remembered ancestor is Jandiel Darkwood, who fought when the demons first attacked and eventually founded the Order of Eternal Defenders with his friends.

Another noteworthy ancestor was Maalos Darkwood. Maalos’ quick reaction saved the life of King Emerian Crystelan in his time when he was chosen as part of the King’s escort.

Early years

Kraasian was, like his fathers before him, talented warrior since his early years, something his initiation and the blessings of the Eternals only strengthened. He was appearing on the battlefields since his early twenties, often at his father’s side. Kraasian soon started using his massive size to fight with sheer brute force, easily recognized by a weapon few would manage to even lift, let alone wield.

Eventually, Kraasian met and became friends with a soldier named Vigellus and with a skilled mage named Ereanel Owlbeak. He later met several other talented warriors, of which Levian became another good friend.

In addition to his time on the battlefield, his legacy led him to meet the Crystelan noble family, especially Prince Venelaos who is barely a century older than Kraasian. Through the lasting friendship between their families, Kraasian learned about diplomacy and etiquette even though he hates using these softer skills in practice.

Meeting Ellisia

Sometime after reaching his eleventh century, Kraasian was sent to help with escalating bandit problems towards the central mountains. Among the Eternal Defenders, he worked with was a female warrior named Ellisia Leafshade. Despite or maybe because of being the complete opposite – controlled defensive fighter – the two worked well together and developed a strong bond.

After some time of a long-distance relationship, Ellisia eventually moved to Darkpine and married Kraasian. They became almost inseparable pair even on the battlefields, which helped to temper their bond.

Years of loss

When Kraasian was in his mid-eighteenth century, the demons managed to surprise the defenders at the Fourth Gate. Summoning a creature no one saw for a long time, his father rushed ahead to stop them. While this charge managed to mitigate the damage the creature caused, it was at the cost of his life. Kraasian blamed the loss on Captain Jaimos who was tasked by leading the defense of Fourth Gate and despised him ever since.

Another century later, a disease swept through the kingdom. Among the victims was Kraasian’s mother, as well as the Queen. Princess Illeana, Venelaos’ wife, survived only barely. The King and Prince Venelaos were both overcame with grief they shared with Kraasian though it was the King who never truly recovered. Several years later, he passed the crown on to Venelaos and vanished from public life ever since. These events strengthened the friendship between Kraasian and (now crowned King) Venelaos.

Years of hope

Some 120 years later, the royal couple had their first child, Princess Nadyenne. Still (and forever) weakened by the disease, the Queen again survived the birth only barely. As those years were calmer on the battlefields, Kraasian decided to take care of his bloodline’s future as well. Five years later, his firstborn son was born. Kraasian named his son Tyr’eshal, the name inspired by his long-forgotten ancestor Tyreslan. This moment inspired him to wow he’d find a way to end the war that started so long ago…

Kraasian, a father

Kraasian made sure that his son would get any possible edge and invested a lot of time and money into his education and training. Believing that he understood how their bloodline was becoming stronger, he hoped that the combined traits of Darkwood and Leafshade families would make Tyr’eshal the warrior the world sorely needed and that the three Darkwoods and Ereanel would show the demons the meaning of fear.

Father and son

The story will continue in the Eternal Defenders trilogy with Kraasian, Tyr’eshal, and Ereanel as the main characters with Ellisia, Levian, King Venelaos, and General Vigellus being only a bit behind in importance. In addition, several other Eternal Defenders will fight with them, all with their own stories to tell.