Mountains of Slovakia

Slovakian mountains contain one of the nicest places I’ve seen and reaching many of them can be serious challenge of one’s strength. Dense forests with not-so-small chance to encounter brown bears (good that I haven’t met one yet), wide fields and peaks of jagged granite reaching over 2500 meters of elevation dominate the landscape, but even below the peaks are places worth notice.

Deep valleys with sharp ascents and long ridges are the typical part of the landscape, the grassy plains in elevations around 1500 meters being home to myriad of endangered and very beautiful flowers.

My visits to Slovakia are limited to group trips and hiking there is both the most difficult and most exciting part of any hiking season. As I have lots of memories to that place, I’m likely to share my thoughts about them sooner or later.

Chalet below ‘Borišov’ peak, Vel’ká Fatra mountain range (chalet at elevation 1300 meters, peak at 1510)

Limestone rock formation below the ‘Vel’ký Choč’ peak

The jagged ‘Vel’ký Rozsutec’ peak (elevation 1610 meters), one of the most beautiful peaks of Slovakia and my personal favorite place with grassy peak area of ‘Osnica’ peak in the foreground.