Captain Damian

Captain Damian is one of the most respected soldiers of Twin Watch army. Responsible since enlistment and leading by example from the moment he was promoted to officer ranks, he’s respected by his superiors and soldiers alike.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Human
  • Age: 35 years (as of Eternal Defenders #1)
  • Affiliation: Twin Watch
  • Physical skills: skilled warrior
  • Magical skills: none
  • Other skills: leadership
  • Related characters: Commander Altair (superior)

As with most humans living in the warmer climate, Damian is dark-skinned, with short curled hair of dark brown color. Damian is tall for a human but not tall enough to reach the average growth of an elf.


Damian enlisted shortly after finishing his training in Twin Watch. Responsible and with good attention to detail, it took him little time to start climbing the ranks. In less than ten years, the Twin Watch army chose him for promotion to replace a retired captain to lead their forces in the field.

Damian gained respect of his fellow soldiers quickly, especially as he proved the ability to organize a very diverse force. Despite not having these skills himself, he often leads a small squad of Magic-Breakers as a part of his unit if the situation demands it and listens to their counsel more than many others would. His insight gained him respect even outside of the Twin Watch forces, such as several high-ranked officers of the other human city-states or even several Eternal Defenders (including Shal’rien Marshwalker).

Damian will get a first appearance in the series when Shal’rien Marshwalker calls for help dealing with unruly trolls. His skills will be shown as he leads a hastily-created force in defense of a small town.