Twin Watch and human cities

Originally, the humans lived in the east equatorial areas divided into five kingdoms. The demon invasion took them unaware despite the warnings given to them by the elves. Those who survived moved north and settled either in Twin Watch or founded several city-states in a ‘belt’ between Twin Watch and the mountains north of their former territory.

The human city-states are formed by a major city (between 10.000 and 20.000 inhabitants) and several smaller villages in its vicinity. As most of the former human nobility became extinct, these city-states are ruled either by a regent selected by the magistrate or a voted city council.

Twin Watch was built as joint effort of the human-elf coallition to defend the Eighth Gate, to serve as a headquarters and a home for the soldiers to serve at the gate. Originally, it was co-ruled by a human regent and an elven representative. As time went on, Twin Watch became ruled by an elected council comprised of equal amount of elven and human representatives. Due to the mixed populace, it became a bustling city and a main hub of trade between elves and humans. Several half-blood live in Twin Watch, further adding to the city’s diversity.

Twin Watch still keeps a strong army, mostly used for defending the Eighth Gate and their cities. These forces are led by a Commander elected by the ruling council.