Bestiary: humanoids


Humans live on the eastern reaches of the main landmass. They originate from subtropical and tropical climate, meaning they usually have short hair and dark skin, features they keep even in their exile. Their natural lifespan ranges between 50 and 75 years. Due to their origins, humans are the most resilient when it comes to adapting to the climate and getting the best of their surroundings.


Long-lived humanoids living on the northern hemisphere, preferring mild climate. They have a natural affinity for magic, even though only a few try to master it. They have light skin color and their hair and eye color usually range in shades of blue, green or brown. Their natural lifespan is slightly over 6000 years. Average height ranges between 175 and 195 cm. They lack body hair and males only grow facial hair later in their lives, usually around halfway through their natural lifespan. They usually have children around their twentieth century.


In very rare cases an elf and a human form a lasting relationship and have children. These half-elves usually have darker skin than an elf and a mixture of human and elven physical traits. Half-elves have a lifespan of around six centuries and, as that is the area where elves and humans interact the most, usually live in or around Twin Watch.


Dwarves are creatures of shorter growth, usually around a meter. Their natural lifespan is around 400 years. Dwarves are muscular creatures with thick skin and dense body hair. They inhabit mountainous regions and have a natural affinity for understanding geology, some developing shamanistic skills. Despite their size, their strength can be surprising for an unprepared opponent.


Trolls are nimble, green-skinned creatures originating in the dense jungle on the eastern shores and the islands off-shore. They live in tribes co-led by a shaman and a chieftain and hunt various animals for food, usually using poisoned spears. They are carnivorous and in rare cases even cannibalistic. Their natural lifespan is estimated around forty years, though the harsh conditions mean that only a few die of old age.

Several tribes live in the northwestern forests and a small amount in the northern tundra. Those frost trolls have even thicker skin and their skin color shifted to light shades of blue.


Ogres are tall and muscular creatures originating in the dense forests in the northwest. They are around four meters tall and very aggressive to uninvited visitors. Their light-brown skin is very thick and thus resilient to blunt hits.

Due to their hostility, their lifespan was never even guesstimated though its likely that a death to natural causes is very rare in the violent way of their lives.