About me

Who am I?

I am Tomas K. “Grizzly” and here I decided to share my thoughts about various things, mostly my free time activities (hiking, gaming, and reading) and about my currently-in-progress writing endeavors.

Me in Slovakia (2017)

Why the “Grizzly” nickname? In short, social anxiety. I chose a nickname that hopefully fits me – just like a grizzly bear, I like wandering the hills, prefer to be left alone here and there with my thoughts.

What am I?

Shortly said, I am a dreamer who likes seeing interesting places within reach, play computer games, read books and maybe create something of my own in time.

Since I decided to give writing a try in Summer 2015, I reluctantly call myself “aspiring hobby-writer” with hopes of finishing my fantasy story at some point.

What is this?

A collection of what I want to share – thoughts incited by books, my travels, interesting things I see.

Have we met?

Unlikely, I presume, unless you are living in the east part of Czech Republic, or wander the hills of Czech Republic and Slovakia as I do, in which case there’s a small chance we’d meet. Well, that’s for meeting in life.

If you play Blizzard games, then we might’ve unknowingly seen each other in these game worlds, if you play on EU servers.