About me

Here, I’ll try to tell you something about myself.


Tomas K. “Grizzly” was born somewhere in the political wilds of 90s Eastern Europe – and never knew what he wanted to do with his life. Not when he was 10, not when he was 20, and he still doesn’t know even now, in his early 30s.

And while daydreaming was a major part of his life, the idea of actually writing the story he had in bits and pieces across his mind sounded impossible and unreal. And then, out of nowhere, he was writing it. Still without a goal or even knowing if he could finish it. But he found it a fun experience, even when he had no clue what is he doing, and stuck with it – and hopes to do so until the ideas are exhausted.

Aside from writing and playing computer games, he loves wandering the hills to clear his mind and give his body some well-deserved action to counterbalance the days spent at a computer, whether at work or at home.

So, who am I?

Was the above still too serious? Let’s try again.

I am Tomas K. “Grizzly” and here I decided to share my thoughts about various things, mostly my free time activities (hiking, writing, and reading) and about my currently-in-progress writing endeavors. For my internet presence, I chose the “Grizzly” pen name just because I like wandering the hills alone like a grizzly bear.

Me in Slovakia (2017)

I also spend some time playing computer games. I was an active World of Warcraft player between 2010 and 2019.

Reading in the mountains (10/2019)

How did you get to writing?

That’s a long story you can read on a separate page. Be warned, though, it’s no glamorous story. There’s a lot of cluelessness, teen’s wet dreams, unrequited love, desire for solitude and solace in one… but also hope and new friendships.

Can I ask you something?

If the articles and the blog haven’t answered your questions, there’s a contact form. If you want to know some silly stuff about me, then there are two posts filled with it.

Do you give writing advice?

I’ve always doubted my ability to give advice on any matter, but I try my best. So, I made a separate section for that.

Will you read and review my book?

I have quite a long list of books I’d like to read and not nearly enough time to do so but… if your book is something I might like (for which I suggest having a look at my Goodreads profile), then you can try your luck via the contact form.