General Vigellus

Guard General Vigellus Ironhand was once an ordinary guard and then one-of-many soldiers who eventually climbed the ranks due to his expertise. Those who remember him from the battlefields will know that he’ll come well-prepared to any discussion, with arguments built on his long experience. Yet, his career growth had its costs.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: ca. 3800 years
  • Affiliation: Elven armed forces, Elven kingdom
  • Home: Royal Palace, Eltoria (elven capital)
  • Family status: married, two children
  • Physical skills: versatile melee fighter with cavalry training
  • Magical skills: none
  • Related characters: King Venelaos, Kraasian Darkwood, Tyr’eshal Darkwood (friends), Captain San’druis (student), several relatives

As for his appearance, Vigellus is easily recognized by his bald head, an unusual habit for an elf, one he developed during his army years. He’s slightly above average height, around 190cm and, despite serving in the office now, still quite muscular.

Early life

Vigellus is the firstborn son of a blacksmith, born in Redleaf, a town on the east slopes of Crimson peaks, being the last town below the ascension to the mountain pass and thus living off the trade. Yet, he did not follow in his father’s footsteps (or father’s father, for that matter), being more interested in using a blade rather than forging it.

After finishing his training, Vigellus enlisted the guards and served in Redleaf for several decades, helping to keep the bustling city safe. His position helped his father as well, several of his fellow guards started buying their gear from Ironhand Sr. after seeing the quality of Vigellus’ gear. During that time, Vigellus’ parents had two more children: a second son (who eventually became a blacksmith) and a daughter.

Leaving Redleaf

After almost six centuries of service as a guard in Redleaf, Vigellus longed for a change of scenery and asked his superiors for reassignment. His request was granted and so Vigellus moved west, settling in a small, calm town on the border of what was historically territory of Redshard and Crystelan noble families, respectively.

Vigellus worked there as a guard for some time, eventually falling in love with a woman from a nearby village, fact that for that moment made him wish to stay.

Joining the army

Unfortunately, this relationship ended after more than a decade. Once again, Vigellus desired a change of scenery but much more different this time. He asked to be reassigned from the guards to the army and was eventually sent to the Fourth Gate.

Vigellus found his true calling in the new position, fighting to repel the demon invaders every time they attacked, his skills and experience growing with each battle. Yet, despite his effort and skills, recognition was not coming. Many believed he deserved at least a raise if not a promotion.

It was also in those times when Vigellus started shaving bald, the sweat-soaked hair sticking to his helmet after a fight being a nuisance he hated so much that he decided to get rid of the hair.

A Darkwood’s friend

More than thousand years later, he found a young and promising warrior at his side in most battles, a tall and strong elf named Kraasian Darkwood. They became friends quite fast, often spending time after a battle drinking beer and talking about their approach to battle, Kraasian learning much from the older soldier.

Shortly after, Vigellus was finally promoted the first time and eventually met his wife and later having children of his own, even if somewhat later than his siblings. He usually returned to Redleaf during the winter as the demons, despising cold, left the gates alone for that one season.

Connections and loss

Kraasian was not the only friend Vigellus made. He also befriended a warrior named San’druis and Kraasian’s friend, a mage named Ereanel Owlbeak. They, along with Kraasian’s parents, became a respected presence at the gates.

Several centuries later, events took a turn for the worse. After the retirement of the current captain, leading the defense of Fourth Gate fell to Captain Jaimos, a soldier that struggled to get the best of him. To make the matters worse, demonic activity increased and Jaimos was often too slow to react.

The demons tried to summon some kind of yet-unseen creature to the battlefield and Jaimos, being unable to count with such move, completely failed to react. Seeing the hesitation was about to cause disaster, Kraasian’s father charged alone to stop the rampaging demon, the others struggling to keep up. Their charge had the desired effect as the summoners fell but with a cost that was too great for many: Kraasian’s father perished in the battle.

As result, the others harbored long-standing bitterness towards Jaimos and petitioned General Falrian to put someone else in charge of defending the Fourth Gate. After several meetings and negotiations, Jaimos was moved to a different position and Vigellus was promoted to Captain to lead the defense of Fourth Gate.

Back to the guards

Vigellus remained in his new post only for a short time. Several officers retired due to old age in a short time, leading to several shuffles in the ranks. Vigellus was eventually offered the position of Guard General, a position he accepted and thus relocated to the Royal Palace after more than two millennia spent close to the battlefields. His position at the fourth gate was passed down to his friend San’druis who was now promoted to Captain.

Having experience from both the army and the guards, Vigellus became close to the King and one of his most trusted advisors in military matters. Vigellus’ promotion also earned him a seat in the War Council which would use much of his extensive experience but also get him back to his most despised fellow: Jaimos, now promoted to Marshall, had a seat on the War Council as well, being one of the Army’s representatives.

Vigellus’ place in the War Council also gave Kraasian a way to pass his concerns to the highest places, something that would eventually prove vital.

Vigellus’ story will continue in the Eternal Defenders trilogy, his position being an important factor for connecting the Eternal Defenders with those in the palace and passing on Kraasian’s concerns.