Princess Nadyenne

Princess Nadyenne is the only child of King Venelaos Crystelan and the heiress of the elven kingdom. A lighthearted and gentle person, she dreams to follow in the footsteps of her parents and work for the well-being of their people. Yet, some parts of her dreams might be too far from reality.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: 25 years (as of Eternal Defenders #1 chapter one)
  • Home: Royal Palace, Eltoria
  • Affiliation: Elven kingdom, House Crystelan
  • Skills: diplomacy
  • Related characters: Illeana (mother), Venelaos (father), Tyr’eshal Darkwood (friend), House Crystelan (paternal ancestors), House Redshard (maternal ancestors)

Affected by the disease-caused frailty of her mother, Nadyenne is pale even for an elf. She’s on the lower average when it comes to her height, at some 180cm. She’s thin, almost skinny, the contrast drawing attention to her ample bosom, contrast she often points out by her choice of attire and the flowing, dark blue hair reaching almost her waist.


Nadyenne, raised in the luxury of the Royal Palace, barely knows much of the outside world. Yet, she’s willing to learn, provided the pace is not too harsh. Lighthearted and cheerful, she might have a long way to go to be the person – and eventually queen – she wants to be.

Nadyenne is proud of her figure, the deeds of her parents, and her friendship with Tyr’eshal Darkwood – who she greatly idealizes.

Early life

Nadyenne spent much of her early life in the vast space of the Royal Palace. Among the people she needed to know because of her social status, she was introduced to the Darkwood family, friends of her father. That eventually included Tyr’eshal who she became good friends with. Their friendship was cut short when Tyr’eshal started his training and thus had fewer chances to meet her but she kept a fond memory and high regard of him nevertheless.

After reaching adulthood, Nadyenne was told much about the history of her ancestors. That included the history of the Redshard-Crystelan rivalry and, in extension, the hatred the Redshards have for the Eternal Defenders. Wishing that these foolish hatreds could be laid to rest, she hoped her friendship with Tyr’eshal will be the way. All she had to do was learn and wait for the right moment…

Nadyenne’s story will continue in the Eternal Defenders trilogy. While she’ll start as a minor appearance, the second and third book will eventually give her a chance to make her hopes come true – and put those hopes to a test she might not be prepared for.