Eternal Defenders

The series I am currently working on is now given its final name: Eternal Defenders, named after the faction the story follows. As of writing this (Summer 2018), the story is still in development with roughly 75-80% of it done in various draft stages and outline of the story mostly complete.

As of now, the to-be books all have at least early names:

  • Book one: Eternal Defenders
  • Book two: Secrets of the Eternals
  • Book three: Eternity’s end

Apart from them, I have an early stage of concept for two (most likely) novellas that would happen several generations before the trilogy and look into the creation of the Order of Eternal Defenders and its early years, under working titles Rise of the Eternal Defenders and Looming shadows where the second one would deal with the early years of Shadowflame cult. Another idea (in a very early concept stage) is a story that would go even more back in time and explore the past of the two prominent Eternals: Sagittus and Aphelia. Working title: Legend of Sagittus.

Under this section of the website, I’ll be adding some information about the story as I feel ready to share it – with the goal of having the background complete shortly before the release of the first book.