Eternal Defenders

The series I am currently working on is now given its final name: Eternal Defenders, named after the faction the story follows. As of January 2019, the initial trilogy is story-complete.

All the mentioned stories are fantasy, sword-and-sorcery subgenre with coming of age and romance elements. Personally, I see them as 15+ recommended – there will be some intimacy and a small amount of sex scenes (in amount fitting the story).

The trilogy

Book one:

  • Title: Eternal Defenders
  • Current status: beta stage
  • Current length: ~168k words (version 0.8.1 / November 2019)
  • Publication ETA: Second half of 2020
  • Samples available

Description (early version):

For generations, the blessed warriors and magi of the Order of Eternal Defenders had fought to defend their lands from the endless hordes of demons with unmatched expertise.
The legendary warrior Kraasian Darkwood lost friends and family to the demons. When Tyr’eshal, his twenty-year-old son, accepts the offer to wield an almost forgotten power, Kraasian realizes there might never be a better chance to defeat the demons forever.
The resurgence of an underestimated foe with their eyes set on Tyr’eshal and the challenges of waging a war with merely a dozen Eternal Defenders will test Kraasian and his hope. More so when the cost of victory might be higher than he anticipated.

Writing of the first book started in October 2015. The first draft was completed in November 2016. As of November 2019, the book is in the third beta stage.

Book two:

  • Title: Secrets of the Eternals
  • Current status: second draft
  • Current length: ~195k words (version 0.2.0 / May 2019)
  • Publication ETA: roughly a year after #1

Work on the second book started shortly after finishing the first draft of book one and continued alongside it, weaving back and forth between editing #1 and drafting #2. The first draft was finished in a mad dash in January 2018 and faced first small-scale edits in Q2 2018. It went through the second draft in April-May 2019. The main storyline is complete though there will be edits, cuts, and additions.

Book three:

  • Title: Eternity’s end
  • Current status: preliminary first draft
  • Current length: ~180k words (as of 12/2018)
  • Publication ETA: roughly a year after #2

Early work on the third book began in May 2018 and the early first draft was finished in December 2018. It’s a rough draft, several unfinished scenes will need to be expanded before I can resume true drafting – which won’t likely happen in a larger scope before #2 is close to done.

Possible other projects

Book “0,1”:

  • Title: Legend of Sagittus
  • Current status: early concept
  • Estimated length: Unknown (full-scale novel)
  • Publication ETA: Unknown

Ideas about this story, which would happen several generations before the trilogy, came from the hints of backstory scattered through the second book. This book would delve into the story of two Eternals: Sagittus and Aphelia, describing their life before becoming Eternals – and how Sagittus met the first Darkwood.

As of autumn 2019, the first 8 chapters are in a rough draft but the progress is put on hold.

Book “0,5”:

  • Title: Rise of the Eternal Defenders (might change)
  • Current status: advanced concept
  • Estimated length: ~50k words
  • Publication ETA: Unknown, possibly after #3 (2022-2023)

This story comes from the original (now removed) prologue of the first book and will show how the demons first attacked and the Order of Eternal Defenders came to be. This story happens roughly a third of the time between #0,1 and #1.

Book “0,6”:

  • Title: Looming shadows (might change)
  • Current status: early concept
  • Estimated length: Unknown (probably similar to #0,5)
  • Publication ETA: Unknown, after #0,5

Idea for this came by the end of drafting #2. This story would take place relatively shortly after #0,5 and describe the beginning of the Shadowflame cult. Depending on how I decide to approach this, it might be merged with #0,5.