Tyr’eshal Darkwood

Son of the legendary warrior Kraasian Darkwood and his wife Ellisia, Tyr’eshal is a young man with his own dreams and hopes, as well as lots of expectations and responsibilities on his shoulders.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: 19 (as of Eternal Defenders chapter one)
  • Affiliation: Order of Eternal Defenders
  • Home: Darkpine
  • Physical skills: defensive warrior, excellent rider
  • Magical skills: magical detection, learning more during the trilogy
  • Related characters: Ellisia and Kraasian Darkwood (parents), Seltan and Evelynn Leafshade (maternal grandparents), Shianna Featherfoot (best friend), Princess Nadyenne (friend), Ereanel Owlbeak (friend/mentor), Maalos Darkwood, Jandiel Darkwood, Tyreslan Darkwood (ancestors)

Just as his father, Tyr’eshal is very tall for an elf, his growth eventually stopping at two meters. He also inherited his father’s facial features and green hair, even though Tyr’eshal’s is a different shade – one often said to be matching the pine groves around his home.

On the other hand, Tyr’eshal has his mother’s physical features – his body is not as muscular as Kraasian’s and thus he learned to favor agility over sheer strength. Tyr’eshal’s eyes are the aquamarine color of a clear summer sky, often radiating youthful energy.

Tyr’eshal is curious and brooding, another trait coming from his maternal ancestry. In personal life, he is somewhat shy and unsure, unlike in combat which he approaches with calm mind.


Tyr’eshal’s childhood was shaped by the expectations and hopes his father has in him and thus Tyr’eshal was given an education on par with nobility. Tyr’eshal’s childhood days were a mixture of learning, early training (Kraasian taught him handling at least a wooden sword since being seven) and loving care by his parents, especially his mother – which eventually turned him into a compassionate person.

Due to the friendships Kraasian forged, Tyr’eshal eventually met Princess Nadyenne and became friends with her. This, in turn, put more demnads on his education as he had to be taught the court etiquette – something he eventually managed better than his father.


With his elementary education over, Tyr’eshal started attending the local academy to train as a warrior when he was 12. His head start meant an edge over his peers but also made forging a friendship difficult when most of his fellows envied his superior skills.

Eventually, Tyr’eshal found a friend in Shianna, a talented archer trainee who faced the same problem. The two forged a close bond over the coming years – a bond that was growing stronger with time and possibly taking a turn towards something more.

As his training was nearing its end, Tyr’eshal decided to sign up for a course that would teach him the basics of identifying magic and magical detection, something he believed could give him an edge should he, one day, face an enemy able to wield magic.

Initiation and finding his place

After finishing his training and reaching his twentieth birthday, Tyr’eshal was to undertake the initiation ritual to become a true member of the Order of Eternal Defenders. This moment showed him the full potential of his curiosity and his ability to understand magic – and changed his future forever as he was offered to wield a power that was almost forgotten.

The trilogy starts just a few months before Tyr’eshal’s initiation and will show his desire to find a way to use his potential to the best while struggling with the expectations put on him. Yet, being a boy like any other, he’ll find himself struggling with his feelings. Eventually, the power he chooses to wield will bring the attention of friend and foe alike – attention he might not be ready to bear.