Major Elindra

A skilled warrior with some understanding of magic, Major Elindra will only leave her base to confront the worst of the worst. The unit she leads induces respect in even the worst criminals and her presence is usually the last warning, followed either by death or centuries in prison.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: ca. 3000 years
  • Afiliation: Elven army
  • Physical skills: defensive warrior
  • Magical skills: magical manipulation
  • Related characters: Marshal Aegan (superior)

Few ever see Elindra in any other garb than her armor or uniform. Elindra is calm and concentrated in combat while using logical arguments in discussion.


After finishing her training, Elindra started her career as a guard. She briefly served in the army but eventually returned to the guards, this time as a member of the elite forces.

Somewhere around her twentieth century, Elindra underwent the taxing training to become a Magic-Breaker – a warrior capable of negating or manipulating the enemy’s magic.

Since then, she climbed their ranks. While her ability to actively use magic is minimal, she excels in detecting and deflecting enemy magic. Thus, she rose through the ranks and became a bane of most hostile wizards, including the Shadowflame cult. Elindra personally helped to capture several cultists since becoming a Magic-Breaker, earning several medals and promotions for her feats.

As of Eternal Defenders book one, Elindra has reached the rank of Major, leading the Magic-Breakers in the western provinces of the kingdom.