This page will give short descriptions about various factions of the story.


As the story is heavily elf-centric, the elves make the majority of the characters and are the dominant species of the world. While the elves are formally united, there are several factions at play with different interests.

Elven nobility

Currently, there are six major noble families standing from the original eight. The two most dominant are House Crystelan (the current ruling dynasty) and House Redshard. Each of the six families has a seat in the Council of Nobles where they voice their opinions to be given as an advice or complaint to the King.

Elven armed forces

Elven armed forces are mostly split into two parts: the guards who take care of inside threats and the army that takes care of outside threats. Both parts are led by its own General and their officers.

Order of Eternal Defenders

Founded by Jandiel Darkwood, his wife, and their four friends when the demons first attacked, the Order swore to protect the elven lands against the demons, for eternity if the need be. In turn, they were blessed by the Eternals, turning them into an elite fighting force. Even though it was not that way in the Order’s early years, they are now independent on the army.

The Eternals

The Eternals are eight beings created to safeguard the world. Two of them are elementals, the remaining six are spirits of elves that became known for a trait that characterized them in life. They are unable to directly interact with the world and so all they can do is to offer an advice or a blessing to their champions. Their purpose is to help the world fight for itself, instead of fighting that battle from beyond the grave.

Despite the limits of their power, they saw the Order of Eternal Defenders as a chance to help the world more directly through a faction of loyal champions answering to them instead of the formal rulers.

Twin Watch

Twin Watch was founded after the demons attacked to protect the land to the east from Crimson Peaks. The city-state was founded by a mixture of elves and humans that originally answered to their own rulers but as time passed, the city-state became neutral. It’s now led by a council comprised of both humans and elves and serves as a hub of trade and diplomacy in addition to its military value of securing the Eighth Gate.

Human city-states

Originally, the humans lived in the east equatorial areas divided into five kingdoms. The demon invasion took them unaware despite the warnings given to them by the elves. Those who survived moved north and settled either in Twin Watch or founded several city-states in a ‘belt’ between Twin Watch and the mountains north of their former territory.


The dwarves inhabit the western reaches of the land. Their populace is split into the mainland part living on the northern slopes of Dragon Peaks and the island part living on the islands to the west from the Dragon Peaks. Their capital is located underground on the largest island.

Dwarves cooperate with the other races mostly by the trade of gems, ore, and metal mined from below the Dragon Peaks as well as products growing only at the islands they inhabit.

Shadowflame cult

The Shadowflame cult was originally founded shortly after the demonic invasion by a group of power-hungry wizards who hoped to master the demonic magic and use it to take control over the world. Even though their efforts eventually failed and the cult was forced into hiding, they are a lasting problem often left underestimated.

Over the years, they became less radical but no less dangerous. Individuals join them for various reasons ranging from curiosity through greed or personal grudges to dreams of domination. Scheming from the shadows, they are hard to counter and will, in most cases, cause some chaos only to vanish before any action can be taken against them – or before they can be even connected to it.

Declared outlaws with bounties on their heads, they are forced to conceal their true identity which, in turn, makes any attempt on uncovering their power structure almost impossible.


Creatures of darkness coming from the darkest corners of the universe bent on limitless destruction. They take many forms, both beast-like and humanoid. Twisted by the dark power coursing through their bodies, they are powered by magic, having no need to eat or sleep. In battle, they fight to the death, obeying their leaders without questions, the undead and lesser demons even controlled directly through magic.