Elven army

The armed forces of the Elven Kingdom are led by the War Council, which serves as the ultimate commanding body (their decision is final and can only be changed by another decision of the council).

Membership of the War Council

  • The Elven King
  • Guard General
  • Grand Magus
  • Army General and his Marshals:
    • Magic-Breaker Marshal
    • Archer Marshal
    • Infantry Marshal

Should an issue be brought to the council’s attention, any amount of guests related to the issue might be allowed to take part as advisors without voting right. For a decision to pass, a majority of votes is necessary. It is possible to abstain and, in case of tie, the King’s vote acts as tie-breaker.

The forces


The Guard General leads the guards, a force tasked by keeping peace and stability throughout the land. While majority of the guards are armed forces patrolling the land, the guards also have an elite squad deployed to combat major threats and investigators tasked with securing the evidence and solving crimes.

Combat magi

Magi trained for combat are only one part of the magicians in the kingdom’s service. The War Council, however, can only call for deployment of combat-trained magi and several specialists trained in observing and documenting magical damage. Apart from battling the demons (along with the army’s forces), the magi are deployed only when conventional methods fail or are inefficient.

A group of specialized magi exists to examine outlaws with magical skills to determine their skill level and their potential dangerousness, for the purpose of the judgment and placement in prison.


The Magic-Breakers were formed after the demons first attacked. They are elite soldiers and guards who undergo training in magical defense. Their purpose is to negate and redirect the spells of enemy magicians to protect the other troops or to dismantle the enemy’s magical defenses.

Magic-Breakers are deployed on request from either the army or the guards. Their training, due to the magical aspects, is overseed by both soldiers and magi.


Majority of elven infantry consists of countless footmen. As the army is focused on outside threats, primarily demons, there are few cavalrymen (as horses are scared by the demons). In addition, the infantry commands a small amount of artillerymen.


The Archer Marshal commands two types of forces: the majority are ‘ordinary’ archers deployed either to fight the demons or inside threats. The other, smaller group are elite rangers. Rangers are also trained in hand-to-hand combat (either unarmed or with a dagger), camouflage, and navigation and are used to escort important messengers, deliver important missives, or help with an assault on fortified positions should the environament allow an infiltration or flanking maneuvers.


Jailers are forces guarding the prisons throughout the elven lands. They are picked from guards and footmen with no magical talent whatsoever – the anti-magical wards in those prisons are known to cause depression among those able to use magic.

Palace guards

As the Royal Palace is under effect of magical barriers and the watch of city guards, the guards in the palace itself are usually soldiers nearing retirement, with experience and responsibility, as a prize office.