Elven nobility

The elves were originally divided into several smaller states ruled individually. This changed during the Elven War (which will eventually be described in the Legend of Sagittus standalone story, presumably in the late 2020s). After that conflict, eight ruling lines emerged as the strongest, the others submitting to them and losing influence. Those eight eventually became the eight main noble families.

After the demonic invasion, one of them is believed extinct and another one died out in the coming generations, leaving six. The two most dominant are the Crystelan nobles, the ruling dynasty since the unification of elves after the Elven War; and the Redshard family, their sworn opponents.

Since the end of the Elven War, the Crystelan family has ruled the unified Elven Kingdom. And ever since, the Redshards were waiting for their chance to take over, preferably in a way that would humiliate the Crystelans.

While the Crystelan nobles will have the most screen time due to their ties to the Darkwood family, the others will eventually make an appearance in the second and third book, especially the Redshards.