King Venelaos

King Venelaos Crystelan is the heir of Crystelan noble family and the current ruler of the Elven Kingdom. Crowned far sooner than he’d expect, he tries his best to be a wise ruler, with the help of trustworthy advisors.

Fact sheet and appearance

  • Species: Elf
  • Age: ca. 2200 years (as of Eternal Defenders #1 beginning)
  • Affiliation: House Crystelan, Elven Kingdom
  • Home: Royal Palace, Eltoria
  • Family status: married, one child
  • Physical skills: casual rider
  • Magical skills: none
  • Other skills: diplomacy
  • Related characters: Illeana (wife), Nadyenne (daughter), General Vigellus (friend/advisor), Kraasian Darkwood (friend), House Crystelan (ancestors)

Venelaos is of average growth for an elf and, because of his active approach, managed to avoid gaining excess weight, unlike many other nobles. He has green eyes and light-blue hair cut above his shoulders.

Ancestry: Legacy of victors

While the Crystelans were not those who brought the Elven War to its end by their military superiority, they gained the upper hand by their diplomatical skills. Because of grudges between some of the other rulers, the Crystelan family was eventually chosen to rule the now-united Elven kingdom with the only protests coming from their sworn rivals, the Redshard family.

Several generations later, the demons invaded and it was by a great deal of luck and the willingness to listen to other opinions that had his ancestors act instead of waiting, fact that greatly reduced the losses suffered in the early war. In a few years, the war reached its generations-long stalemate into which Venelaos was born.

During those generations of war, the Crystelan nobles became friends with the Darkwood warriors, a legacy whose continuation would eventually likewise fall to Venelaos.

Early years

Venelaos’ early years were mirroring those of any heir to a noble family. As the crown prince, he spent days being taught about the aspects of ruling a kingdom that would eventually become his duty.

Venelaos decided to take an active approach and, when he could, he traveled around the kingdom, meeting the heirs of other noble families personally – if they were willing to accept him.

Venelaos used his friendship with Kraasian Darkwood to gain a break from the endless foray into politics, the warrior’s straightforward approach being a welcome change compared to the less-direct political meetings.

Unlikely ally

While Venelaos was responsible in most aspects of his life, he was lacking when it came to securing the future of his bloodline. He often felt like the young noblewomen only tried to gain his favor because he was the crown prince.

There was one woman that broke the rule: Illeana Redshard, a distant relative of the current Redshard heir. Fed up with the rivalry between their families, she approached Venelaos to talk with him about this unwanted heritage and confided that she hoped it would eventually change. Feeding this hope, she built a genuine friendship with the prince; friendship that eventually grew into a stronger bond. Thus, Venelaos found affection where he least expected it and Illeana eventually became his wife.

A turn for worse and a surge of hope

Prince Venelaos was in his mid-twentieth century when a strange disease swept through the kingdom. Among those most afflicted were his closest. Both he and his friend Kraasian lost their mothers to the disease. Venelaos’ father overcame the illness fast but the loss of a loved wife hurt him. Illeana survived only barely.

Venelaos’ father was too struck by grief that he decided to pass the crown to Venelaos who became one of the youngest kings, being crowned aged only 2040 years.

120 years later, the queen regained some of her lost strength and Venelaos decided that he’d not wait with trying to secure his heritage. Yet, Illeana barely survived the pregnancy and birth. Taking comfort from the fact that the child was healthy, Venelaos decided that he’d accept passing the crown to a firstborn daughter rather than risk that his wife would die if he pushed for a male heir. Despite having to spend most of his time running the kingdom, he did his best to be a good father. With Illeana, they named their daughter Nadyenne, based on an ancient elvish word for hope.

Five years later, his friend Kraasian became a father as well, having a son named Tyr’eshal. The King took strength from the fact that their friendship would go on for at least another generation and the fact that his warrior friend managed to show his less-serious side.

The story of Venelaos, his willingness to listen to his advisors and his friendship with Kraasian and Tyr’eshal will be a significant part of the Eternal Defenders trilogy. Yet, Venelaos is not without opponents and those will patiently wait for their time to show their fangs.

Meanwhile, his daughter will have her own story to tell. She’ll see that continuing the legacy of her parents might not be an easy goal.