Bestiary: beasts and elementals


Animals living in the world.


A large feline living in jungles and dense forests. These fierce predators are resilient hunters and decent swimmers, allowing them to pursue their prey through the rainforests. They have saber-like fangs and sharp claws that allow them to tear through a crocodile’s skin.

Dragon turtle

Unlike the usual turtles, these grow significantly larger – up to five meters. They lack the typical carapace, being protected by dragon-like scales that are thick enough to defend them against most predators. They usually feed on fish and seaweed and live up to three centuries.

Elven horse

Elven zoologists suspect that these were affected by living close to the Sacred Forest and the magical energies vastly increased their strength, resilience, and lifespan.

Elemental creatures

Elementals are manifestations of elemental energy, possessing various powers related to their element and various levels of sentience. These beings are usually benevolent but will quickly turn aggressive towards anyone disturbing the balance.


Elemental creatures living on the volcanic islands to the southwest from Dragon Peaks, phoenixes are shrouded in myth. Once they deplete over half of their power, they retreat to the volcanoes and combust into flames, letting the heat refuel their elemental energy and reform after a couple of days. Each cycle drains some of their energy irreversibly and they will be only able to repeat the cycle several times.


Elementals are long-lived manifestations of primordial energy with some degree of sentience. They are estimated to live around 20000 years. They live in places where their elements manifest the most and are fierce protectors of those places.

Elementals are impervious to damage by physical weapons but vulnerable to their opposite element. After their natural death, an elemental’s core can be used as a conduit of magic should a mage be lucky enough to find one and learn to wield it.


Dragons are the largest creatures, estimated to live a double of an elf’s lifespan. With massive wings and four legs with sharp claws, dragons induce respect on sight. Their bodies are covered by thick scales of red or reddish-brown color and infused by earthen magic. They can breathe fire as a deadly self-defense. Dragonscales are heavily resistant to blows and magic alike, making them the most resilient living creatures.

Dragons live in three places: the Dragon Peaks in the west and two large islands in the southwest and southeast respectively. Their roosts are usually at or above the end of long, deep valleys.