5/2018 Writing update

Another month? Where’s the time gone? Okay, I know. Assignments on uni, hockey championship…

Anyway, my writing progress. There’s definitely some, even if it might be harder to see. I came to the realization that my progress reached the point where I can’t move on without external feedback. In other words, the beta stage is coming soon. This fact affects my latest progress.

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Writing thoughts: fingers too fast

My to-be debut is getting closer to beta stage. At this point, I think I can state that I believe it’ll go well now. I am currently making grammar and spelling pass to be ready for the first to-be beta version and thought that I might share the most frequent mistakes that I made when my fingers struggled to stay at the same speed as my mind, one way or another.

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Fantasy thoughts: elementals

When it comes to creatures in fantasy, authors can be really imaginative. There are the ‘classical’ creatures like werewolves, vampires, dragons and many others and authors (including those of computer games) seems to be able to create several more with different place on the scale between any large beast and human. Or just really scary beasts with some slight sentience.

The fact that I started reading a bit more seriously only two years ago might be a factor, but so far I have yet to encounter a book that would use elementals, let alone in such scale as they are used in World of Warcraft. That is despite the fact that creatures related to the four elements appeared in old myths (ancient China, Greece) and some others are most likely inspired by them (Russian Ded Moroz – (Great)father Frost or other examples from Slavic myths).

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About to change my writing plans again?

It’s barely 10 days since I wrote my April writing update, where I was thinking about the next steps. Curse me for probably overthinking (again!) but I might be on the way to change (and maybe invalidate) what I mentioned then. It’s not a decision made yet, but I had enough of such thoughts where the decision happened anyway – like the one when I decided to pull out the intro of what was to become book 1 to standalone “book” #0,5, something I wrote about half a year ago.

So, what’s the fuss this time?

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4/2018 Writing update

Another month passes since I wrote this type of article. At that time, I was in progress with fifth draft, which since then was completed, went thorough a quick look on the most-heavily edited parts for quick typo fix and then a full personal proof-read with more fixes and some more edits.

Where am I now?

Well, at this point it seems to be harder to guess. When I finished the third draft I was like “just a few quick edits and I’ll call it beta version.” Did not happen. Same with fourth draft. At least I believe I am actually learning something as I go. Maybe I finally made some progress as I am considering actually offering some of my trustworthy fellow World of Warcraft friends a chance to read it as alpha testers. Hopefully after that, I might need one more pass before I call it beta and start looking for potential beta readers (still no clue where. One step at a time).

In the meantime, I’ll probably try to get some work one on #0,5 where my main problem is naming (when that was not my main problem?). As it is significantly shorter (40k words for #0,5 compared to 226k for #1) I believe the internal drafting phase could be faster and hopefully I might be able to have it in decent state in summer. Yeah, I told myself this before. Twice at least.

Anyway, the time when I’ll need to think how I’d like the cover of #0,5 look like is getting dangerously close and I still have only faint idea, compared to quite decent ideas for #1 and even #2.

My hope is that during the summer, I might be able to reveal a bit more about my writing, though I am reluctant to guess what it’ll be. I’ll at least try to write monthly update blogs on my writing progress, if nothing else.

And that’s it from me for now.

3/2018 Writing update

Last time I posted something about my writing progress was in December 2017, when I finished the first draft of the prequel to my story, created by expanding the former prologue. That thing is now in some kind of second draft as I made some changed of varying size. Yet, that is not what I want to mention now.

At this point, I am in fifth draft stage for the actual first book. Well, fifth. I have no clue how to number them, no clue what usually tends to be considered another draft and not just the same one with a bunch of correction, but I’ll call it fifth anyway.

First draft was quite self-explanatory. Second was just a bunch of minor changes and adding the first version of the prologue. Third made some changes, but was mostly about clarification and again, mostly small things. I rewrote some paragraphs, but very rarely changed a whole page, let alone a chapter. The prologue had the most of it as it was still under some development.

Then I saw the struggle and decided to separate the prologue into a to-be prequel (or book #0,5 as I call it). That was finished in a month at some 39.000 words, after which, again ignoring any rational sense of progression, went to finish the first draft of second book (yes, while first is still in development). I did that in Christmas writing rush and eventually finished it (at 233.000 words) mid-January, and it lays untouched since as there will be enough time to work on it later.

After that, I went to fourth draft on the first book. This was mostly changing the beginning to make up for the removed prologue and rewriting the beginning to account for the decision. More smaller changes happened, more rewording, cutting parts that were too lengthy even to me and adding information that was missing, some of it on feedback from my trusted alpha reader. I also replaced some more placeholder names with (hopefully) final ones.

The biggest thing was that I admitted that in some scenes, either the main characters are a bit too overpowered without having a reason for it, or their opponents not good enough, which called for some changes as well. They were small, but got me to think about it more.

And so I come to current situation, the fifth draft. For the first half, nothing seemed to change much from the fourth one. More edits in varying intensity, some of the longest chapters split in two, one or two renamed… until I reached chapter 28 or so. It continues where the problem with being overpowered was. I realized some battles were really drawn out without any decent suspense and realized that I had to change my approach to those parts.

The solution I came up with the last two days is quite radical. Two battles (one battle and one skirmish in fact) are to be completely removed and the actually interesting parts to be used a bit differently at the other moments, which will have me change a bit when one character appears and in the end lead me to completely rewriting at least five chapters, with ‘collateral damage’ in form of smaller changes to many more. I hope that with this decision, the remaining battles will be much more interesting.

it also made me to review some other things when it comes to the enemies and their power, something I can’t talk much about for now. All I can say is that I hope that different demon species will be actually different, instead of being continuous grayscale and some of them blending from one to another to make it confusing even for me, eventually enough that I had to make side notes (that should’ve given me the hint much earlier).

It pushes me back even more compared to my original plan to have the first book done in 7/2018. I could not imagine what a journey this will be when I started in 7/2015…

Current status of “Project Eternity”

Book #0,5: Second draft at ~39k words. Currently expected release date: Late Q4/2018 in best case, realistically Q1/2019 if everything goes well.

Book #1: Fifth draft in progress. Fourth ended at ~239k words, peak was 244k before I started cutting, no idea where it will move when I am done with fifth, expecting drop to maybe 225k. Expected release: Late Q4/2019 in best case – quite some pushback from my original hope of 21.7.2018… good thing that I have no real deadlines.

Book #2: First draft done (at ~233k words), though the amount of typos, misspells and other is disgusting and there will be a lot of polish to do even though work on #1 taught me much along the way. I am optimistic with being still able to aim for the original plan in 7/2021.

Book #3: Just a few notes and rough idea for the storyline. Original ETA of 7/2025 still sounds feasible.

By the way, I have some ideas for the names of the individual books and name for the series is decided, but I am not ready to share them yet.