Romance elements in fantasy, part two: endings

Not so long ago, I wrote about how I saw romance elements in fantasy. This time, I’ll continue from where I left off the last time and share my opinion on some of the possible ends and how I see them – positives and negatives in all cases. It’ll not be tied to fantasy in several cases as, I believe, these work in general.

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Reading: Romance elements in fantasy

Not so long ago, I got into a discussion about romance elements in fantasy. A user on Goodreads felt that in the last years, it often goes down with at least one of the pair dying before the end or ‘devolving’ into love triangles (especially in YA Urban Fantasy and Paranormal romance sub-genres) and that ‘happy ending’ books are becoming endangered species.

It turned into a discussion about romance elements in present-time fantasy literature that was quite enjoyable and insightful, even if short.

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