Writing thoughts: backstory

Backstories. Details that make the story and the characters more likely by revealing bits that happened in their past or even before and tie in into the present. Something that makes the story more complex.

Something I feared for all those years before I gave writing a try – and even the first years. How can I, who has nothing but an idea, make a story complex enough to stand a chance?

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Writing thoughts: evolution?

It’s getting close to three-year-anniversary since I started writing. It brought me to think a bit about how it started and how it went and to see how I changed in that regard. Doubt is still pretty much constant companion yet it is more often accompanied by hope. I hope that during those three years, I learned something and that each draft is better than the previous one.

Now, where I see the changes?

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6/2018 Writing update

I think I’ll never be a planner when it comes to writing. When I was writing my May update, I was going through the first draft of #1 on a quick edit pass mostly aimed at some typos and obvious issues, as well as to just get the story back into my head and make notes about possible continuity issues between #1 and #2 so I could have a look at them when preparing the beta draft of #1.

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The first steps into self-publishing community

Even though I am still some time and work away from finishing my story, apart from writing, I am trying to make progress elsewhere.

Since I am active Goodreads user (though so far as a reader) I was slowly trying to see if fellow readers and writers alike could help my efforts even without any specificity. Plus, it’s where I’ll most likely start my search for beta readers later next month.

So, I’ve been increasing my activity there. I joined a large and quite active group focused on SF and Fantasy some time ago (half a year maybe) and since then I am doing my best to participate in discussions when I have something to say on the topic.

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Character’s screen time through drafts

A few times, I found myself thinking about some characters in the story I am working on and how their role and “screen time” changed from where they began (in concept stages or first draft) to where they are now (fifth draft of #1) and how these changes affected their future. I guess that characters being relevant more or less than the original plan happens and it can happen that some character is crossed out completely, especially if he or she was a cameo appearance.

In this post, I’ll look on some of those cases from my own experience.

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5/2018 Writing update

Another month? Where’s the time gone? Okay, I know. Assignments on uni, hockey championship…

Anyway, my writing progress. There’s definitely some, even if it might be harder to see. I came to the realization that my progress reached the point where I can’t move on without external feedback. In other words, the beta stage is coming soon. This fact affects my latest progress.

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Writing thoughts: fingers too fast

My to-be debut is getting closer to beta stage. At this point, I think I can state that I believe it’ll go well now. I am currently making grammar and spelling pass to be ready for the first to-be beta version and thought that I might share the most frequent mistakes that I made when my fingers struggled to stay at the same speed as my mind, one way or another.

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