Slovakian hike journal, day one

So, I’ve decided to try and do my best with describing the 8 days full of hiking that was my holiday. The start was quite unpleasant, some time before I was supposed to be waken up by alarm clock, intense rain did the job quite well. Bah, as long as it stays here and does not move to the east with me, fine. I’ll skip the boring stuff like waiting for the bus and fast forward to maybe 7:15 when the bus stopped at Slovakian border so the driver could load the pre-paid balance that is used as toll on Slovakian main roads. It still rained at that point, even if just lightly. Good thing that the rain was slowly changing into mist, which is slightly less annoying and my gear can deal with it better.

8:50, the bus drops us out in the middle of nowhere on the road leading south from Zverovka, Slovakian village on the west edge of the hills. The first hike is planned to go through path where one would see the white limestone rock formations, but it seems that the only white thing I’ll see today is the ever-present mist.

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