Slovakian hike journal, day two

After the easier warm-up the previous day, I had something slightly more difficult ahead for the second day: the very long walk towards the ‘Hladk√© sedlo’ pass on border of Slovakia and Poland, which is (legally) accessible only from the Slovakian side. The reason for it was not just to test my endurance, but the potential sights. From the pass, the ‘Dolina pieciu stawu Polskich’ valley would be visible from bird’s eye perspective, with all its lakes.

‘Dolina pieciu stawu Polskich’ valley seen from overlook, 2015. The mentioned pass I was about to climb is to the right from the peak in central ride on the far end.

Note: right-click (most of) the photos to open 2000x1125px version in new tab.

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