Writing tool review: betareader.io

Since I’ve had good results with finding beta readers on betareader.io, I’ve decided to write a review of this webtool – maybe someone will find it as useful as I did.

Note: this article/guide was written in 2019. The appearance of some elements probably changed since. As I established a small circle of beta readers afterward, I haven’t been checking the site as much since 2020. Feel free to report any outdated information in the comment section if you do use the site.

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Writing: a professional’s opinion on my story

Despite having poor luck on any kind of giveaways, I had entered one for a professional beta read of my current draft. With a twist of luck, just as I managed to find beta readers (I talked about it in my monthly ‘report’), I actually won – leading me to think how I might handle feedback from four sources, each with different pacing and approach. At the end of the previous month (Friday 30.8.), I’ve received the report file – but as I was preparing for the next day’s hike, actually looking on it had to wait for two days. So, what is a professional’s opinion on my story?

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