How I got to writing, part one

A few times, I’ve promised a look back on how I got to writing. The time for my grand confession has come. Today, I’ll share the first part of this story: a look back to the 2000s, when the first ideas for my in-development story came to be; into a time when actual writing was still a distant future I did not even dare to see.

First dreams (ca. 2002 – 2005)

I probably mentioned it a few times already: my first ideas came from random snippets of dreams I somehow remembered. Those were just the first ingredient. I took many more: snippets of movies, song lyrics, books, folk tales, computer games, and whatever else might’ve come across my mind.

I took all of this, and chucked it into the blender of my weird brain.

What came out? A few snippets of scenes with no hint of cohesive storyline and a vague idea of a few characters. In fact, I’ve had just three major characters: the MC, the Princess, and the King (and they were only named in 2015 – more than a decade later). Those snippets usually involved the MC either turning various kinds of bad guys into a minced piles of meat or secretly ‘socializing’ (read: flaunting his deeds to court her) the Princess.

Teen’s wet interlude (mid-2000s)

Eventually, the latter type of scenes turned into bits I am still somewhat ashamed of. At the age when many people go through their first love (and first relationship), those snippets were sometimes turning too close to 18+ content. The wicked part of my strange self might be tempted to regret I’ve never developed any drawing talent, otherwise I might’ve had a decent part-time job in the Rule34 world.

Forging MC’s background (ca. 2004-2007)

With the Harry Potter series being more and more popular and orphans becoming a widespread trope in fantasy books aimed at teens, I became subconsciously influenced as well. My best guess is that the first ideas for the MC’s backstory.

At that point, the MC’s parents died in his youth, though the exact timing was in flux pretty much until I got rid of the concept due to massive amount of plot holes. I think it was at these times I got the first ideas for some kind of demigod patrons (which eventually became the Eternals) as one of them was kind-of the MC’s mentor.

Later, I came up with the (at that point likewise nameless) Order – at that time much more secluded and mysterious than my final incarnation of the Eternal Defenders. The MC’s role in the Order was much different – and is something that might be worth a separate blog post. For now, I’ll say he started out as a rebel disregarding the rules – a complete opposite of what he is now.

A personal crisis (ca. 2008) and putting it to ice (2008-2012)

Somewhen around 2007-2008, I faced an inner crisis. Nothing major, probably the typical teen stuff: a bit of misery caused by seeing no way to be worthy for my first love and the fact she was with someone else, the absence of any long-term life goal (let alone an idea for my future), the feeling I don’t belong – and all of that magnified by my health issues (even though that improved soon-ish).

My daydreaming (I don’t really see it as creativity, not in the scope it was in) took a hit and thus any major thoughts about the story were ‘delayed indefinitely’ with no intention to returt to them, ever. What no one else knew for the next 10 years (I shared this with my mother a few months ago) is that I was on the verge of giving up on my only real hobby in that time: hiking. Fortunately, I persevered, and it started to pay off: my health began gradually improving since 2009.

I am ending this post in a darker tone but that’s just life. And those days are a part of what I am and, without those, I might’ve never started writing – as you’ll see when I return to this story (planned for the next three Sunday posts).

In the meantime, comments and questions are welcome.

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