Writing: the second sample

In the spirit of sharing, it’s the time to share another early sample from my work-in-progress.

So, today, I am sharing a short combat sequence – a scene chosen for being short enough to share this way without issues like being taken out of context and lack of spoilers.

The sample, taken from chapter 5, can be read here. If you want to see the first sample as well, the prologue I shared some two months ago, it’s here.

But, that’s not all. I’ve made a “character profiles” for several characters over the past weeks (and plan to prepare more with time), showing bits of their backstory that’ll eventually be revealed during the whole trilogy. So far, seven main characters are done in this way:

These aim to show bits of backstory about the characters, things that happened before chapter one of the work-in-progress trilogy. In the future (but without a specific time frame) I’d like to cover most of the main cast but I am not sure yet when it’ll happen.

Anyway, that’s all for this time. Have a nice end of year!

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