Reading: intimacy and sex in fantasy

Some time ago, I wrote about how I see romance in fantasy both from reader and writer point of view, as well as some general thoughts about romance in relation to ending of the story. Today, I’m venturing into slightly more dangerous waters: intimacy in fantasy.

Warning: potentially sensitive content will be mentioned in this post.

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Books: Thoughts about re-reads

Reading books can become a hobby without end. There are just too many books one would like to read. The list of potential reads usually grows way too fast and finding time for a return to a book I liked makes it even worse, especially when I juggle it with my own writing and self-made proofreads/edits.

Yet, going back to something I liked has its appeal. The reasons for such a return might vary – and I’ll look into some.

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November hiking retrospective

I’ll tell it straight away: November, for the vast majority of years, sucks for hiking. Bordering between the colorful days of October and the winter, it’s usually a poor mess. Even if there’s some color remaining, it’s gloomier than in October. And it usually rains way more. The second half then turns into waiting for the first snow and hoping for a decent timing.

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Reading: Narrator and spoilers

In this post, I’ll look into one specific type of narrative I encountered: one where the story is told by a narrator retrospectively and interrupted here and there with the narrator’s perspective. While my sample on this kind of narrative is small, it was enough to discover potential issues in that approach – something I’ll talk about now.

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