November hiking retrospective

I’ll tell it straight away: November, for the vast majority of years, sucks for hiking. Bordering between the colorful days of October and the winter, it’s usually a poor mess. Even if there’s some color remaining, it’s gloomier than in October. And it usually rains way more. The second half then turns into waiting for the first snow and hoping for a decent timing.

Another factor that contributes to the low amount of photos I usually take in November is that most of these hikes are taken through woods that would, at least partially, shelter me from the weather, be it wind, rain, or snow. Sometimes, the atmosphere is a sad, grey sorry remainder of October.


Archive photo (2015)


And sometimes, it manages to surprise with a nice show of the first snow.


Archive photo (2016)



Archive photo (2016)


November gets, so to say, a short end of the stick. Days are short with the approaching winter solstice. That makes traveling far quite inconvenient and puts a limit on how much I can wander around. In the past two years, I tried to find the better part of it with my “seeking the first snow” hikes.


Archive photo (2017)


Unfortunately, that probably won’t be the case this year. Midday temperature is still around 15°C here and dropping only reluctantly. There’s no hint of anything, be it rain or snow, coming from the clouds in the near time. 2018 is really bad here in this regard – too hot and dry.

Maybe I’ll be surprised. The month still has over a half to go.

I’ll close this post at that. See you soon.

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