Books: Thoughts about re-reads

Reading books can become a hobby without end. There are just too many books one would like to read. The list of potential reads usually grows way too fast and finding time for a return to a book I liked makes it even worse, especially when I juggle it with my own writing and self-made proofreads/edits.

Yet, going back to something I liked has its appeal. The reasons for such a return might vary – and I’ll look into some.

The question I had first on that matter when I decided to write this post was: is the desire for a re-read a measure of quality? My answer is: I don’t know. More likely, it’s a measure of enjoyment. What I’m the most likely to re-read is a book I had a lot of fun with – even if the fun came at the cost of other aspects. After all, some humorous books don’t tend to have a complex plot.

Anyway, onwards to the potential reasons for re-reads:

Sequel time!

The very basic for a re-read is the approach of a sequel, especially if it was a while since the last book came out. There’s no simpler reason to return to the story than the intention to continue it.

Fitting the mood

Roughly a year ago, I went on to re-read The Picture of Dorian Gray. Truth is that it was not a complete re-read, my first read was translated book while this time, I read it in English. Also, the 10-year break and the fact I was no longer concerned by a deadline for school reads made it much enjoyable. Still, I felt it’s a good fit for the usually gloomy November days. It could happen again that I return to something because I believe it fits the time of year – or my current mood.

For giggles and stuff…

There are books I remember by a small number of witty one-liners or funny quotes. Tying into the previous point, those are some I’d be likely to reach for (not literally as I am an e-book reader) if I wanted to have some light-hearted read with more emphasis on the fun factor than anything else. This might especially be the case for shorter books.

Fond memories

Probably the strongest factor is having a fond memory for a book, be it the story or a specific character. It might combine with the previous aspects – coming sequel or memorable lines – but in this kind of case, it’ll be more wholesome.

That’s all I’ll say this time. Feel free to share your reasons for returning to books you’ve read already.

One thought on “Books: Thoughts about re-reads

  1. I usually only re-read the books of my favourite author. For awhile, his books were all I read because I enjoyed them so much. The last two years, I’ve been reading a lot of books by different authors or genres. This started because I joined a book club. I’ve yet to come across any books I’d re-read again, though. Nowadays, I’d probably only re-read something if it was part of a series and I needed to familiarise myself with the world again.

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