12/2018 Writing update

The last month of 2018 is nearing its end and so is my writing activity for this year. I gave some hints of my progress in some of my other posts throughout the last days – and I’ll now share how some of them turned out.

Book one – editing

The first part of my work is continued editing of book one. Feedback-based edits now reached chapter 25 and I received more files in the past three days, so I’ll go on with chapters 26-34 as soon as I’m able to (got cold two days ago so these days I’m just sipping herb tea and giving my creative side a break).

In addition to that, I hinted that I asked a helpful Goodreads user for some feedback on specifically the romance elements in my story. A few days later, I gained a bit more insight from a second author and reflected on it, leading me to rewrite almost every single passage where the two characters interact, including the big moment (I touched it more in this post). There will be some evaluation on that matter, as well as more editing of those specific passages as some were redone from the ground up.

Book three – drafting

When these edits were done, I moved my attention to early drafting of book three. I made a blog post about nearing the finale a few days ago. The final battle (roughly 10k words) was eventually written in a single day and some 5,5hrs including “bio breaks”. The next day, I wrote the early post-battle wrap-up and thus concluded the first draft of book three at 176k words. There are passages I know will require some serious attention but it’s the first draft and my main goal was to have the base story complete.

Rest of December

Unlike in 2017, I probably won’t spend the days between Christmass and NYE torturing my keyboard, mostly because I’ve finished my main goal, the first draft of #3. I might do some editing but I probably won’t do any fully creative work. I might reflect on some points of the story and think about how to make them bettwe or maybe think more about some of the side-projects but it won’t be the insanity I did last year when I busted out over 20k words in a week.

Presents incoming

I was promising something for a while already. I can’t say the date yet (still working out the order in which my next blog posts will be done) but I will share another beta excerpt from my writing before the year’s end. Possibly the Tuesday (25th) or Friday (28th) “slots”, if nothing goes wrong.

So, that’s this month’s update. I’ll be back soon with… whatever I decide to post the next time. Until then, have fun. And, as usual, feel free to leave a comment or ask something.

And, the last part, Merry Christmas to everyone reading. Have a nice holiday!

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