Writing: Precipice of the final battle

The moment I awaited for so long is coming. My early drafting of the third book of my to-be fantasy trilogy is coming to its end. The heroes are standing at the precipice of the final battle. And I will finally know how it all goes down.

It’s all quite a strange feeling. For several years, I had only bits of a story that I never believed I’d see as a whole. Even when I wrote the demo in Summer 2015 or when I started drafting #1 (which I hope to complete during the next year), this moment felt so far.

Now, one thing to say: even before I started putting the story together, I knew how it’ll end. There are only a few scenes I thought about as many times as the final duel. Much of what I believed will lead towards it changed several times. I sometimes doubted I’ll make it.

Now, I am there. Gazing into the distance, observing the enemy, along with the characters born in my mind – some almost two decades ago, some merely a few months. I still don’t know some parts of how it’ll go down – I’ll need to “live it through” and see.

Now, I still have some doubts. They might not go fully away, ever. But I am reaching a large milestone – and I’ll enjoy it as much as I can.

Now, I have no clue what else to say so I’ll just wrap it up here. Have fun everyone.

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