Hiking: Look back at October

Continuing the way I did it in September, this post will be a summary of my October travels with several photos.

9.10. – Mushrooms and inspiration

That day, I went somewhere I originally planned to go in late April. It got postponed with no specific goal as the weather got hot and spending hot days in lowlands did not appeal to me as much.

It also had a connection to my writing. The walk had its first half done in a pine forest, a landscape that is the “homeland” of the main character in my to-be fantasy trilogy.


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13.10. – Autumn’s golden glow

A hike on the border of Poland and Slovakia in time when Autumn is in its peak, at least when it comes to weather. The day was still very warm and the mixed forests were turning into all possible colors. Even though much of the hike went through a forest, there were several openings where we could enjoy the autumn’s charm.


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27.10. – Waterfall and rain

The last hike of the month led me to a place I visited two times already – and never in a good weather. The third time was not the charm, either. While the rain was delayed by an hour or two, it eventually came. The forest provided some cover and it was, for the most part, very weak rain yet it was enough to feel less comfortable – and make the trail slickyin the crucial point.


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The photos from above were possible due to the trail winding up above them with some leaning over the railings. The larger waterfall is around 10 meters tall, the smaller probably around 5.

Anyway, that’s look back at October hikes. See you next time!

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