Daylight savings rant

After a while, I am making a post unrelated to books or hiking. Today, it is the transition from CEST back to CET in EU and, with it, the extremely annoying and no-good necessity to adjust my watches.

I was always against this nonsense. It’s proven already that there are no savings coming from it and that the transition rises risk of workplace injury/accident and car crash for the next days after. It causes issues in transport (night trains suddenly becoming an hour ahead or an hour late) and bothers people by needing to adjust their watches for no decent reason at all.

There were several attempts to get rid of this outdated nonsense. And, finally, there’s a hint of hope. Recent researches had shown that most European Union countries are for getting rid of this. To the point that there are already political debates starting with the goal of finding whether to keep permanent summer time or to keep the ‘base’ time.

The best part? If everything goes well, the last switch(es) would happen next year. From then on, no more of this nonsense. Yay. Why so fast suddenly? Well, that’s simple. Politicians of the European Parliament are often criticized for making changes that have little benefit for ordinary people. With elections coming next year, it’s a last-minute chance to do something positive to be remembered by. Even though the countries are divided into four groups (winter time supporters, summer time supporters, undecided no-switch supporters, and Greece supposedly as the only switch supporter), the overwhelming majority is for getting rid of the switch and open to dialogue to find the best solution.


Note: I, personally, don’t care which variant gets chosen. I would not care if they went the middle way with GMT+1:30. Just get rid of the switching using ANY variant possible.

That’s it from me today. I just had to vent this. Next time, I’ll be back with some usual type of post again. Until then, just don’t sleep over because of this nonsense.

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