Writing: what to expect from my story

Greetings everyone. Today, I’ll give a few more hints on what you can (or can’t) expect to see in my work-in-progress fantasy trilogy. Spoiler-free, of course. I am really careful about that.


Vampires and/or Werewolves?

Nope to both.

Trolls and/or ogres?

Trolls will be one of the side threats as a sub-plot of the first book. Ogres will appear a few times as well.


Yes. Small appearance in the first book, slightly more in the second, a bit in the third.


They are everywhere! It’s an elf-centric story.


One half-elf, half-human will have a cameo in the third book by the current plan.


Only mentioned in the first book, a few appearances in the second, more in the third. While they will be important for the late plot, this is not a dragon-rider story.


Yes. They are the main threat and thus will be seen frequently.

Mad wizards?

In a way, yes. For now, I can say they are a group of demon-worshippers and thus the secondary antagonists.

Story elements and themes:

I’ll keep it shorter this time. You should not expect love triangles. First, because I have no life experience with this and doubt I’d be able to write that convincingly. Second, because I have no desire to.

Apart from general fantasy elements (good vs. evil, godlike beings), there will be the coming of age and parent-son relationship elements, as well as romance elements. As the story progresses, it’ll touch on other topics such as guilt, greed, faith, loyalty, and morals. Eventually, there will be a quest for a weapon of power in the second book.

Potentially sensitive content:

  • Swearing: Only when it fits the situation.
  • Drugs/alcohol: No to first, reasonable use to second. Most warriors celebrate a victory with some beer, right?
  • Violence: limited to combat sequences, without gory details.
  • Nudity/sex: I believe it’s somewhere between 4 and 10 scenes (depending on what might get cut during drafting/beta) total planned across the whole trilogy that’ll likely be in 1600-2000 page total length and in a situation where it makes sense for the story. No sex for the sake of sex is included but not keeping away from it when I feel it makes sense. It’ll be written without too many explicit details (I don’t dare to go that far) and should be safe for 15+.


Don’t expect a high death count. As with sex, I went the moderate way – characters will die, yes, but it’ll have a purpose and impact on the story and other characters. Yes, I’d like all of them to live to see the end. Realistically, it’s not possible. I am not, however, killing characters when it would make little sense apart from just a shock value.

I guess that’s all I’ll share this time. The last bit means that I’ll likely touch the topic of character death separately. Possibly, the topic of sex in books as well. Anyway, if you’d like to ask something, feel free to do so in the comments. If it’s something I am willing to answer at this point in the development cycle, I’ll do so. If not, I’ll say that you’ll need to wait for the answer until the book is complete.

I revealed some other bits some time ago. Also, if you’d like to have a look at the current version of the prologue, I shared it recently. Subject to change during development, of course.

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