Writing: first small reveal

With the last edits and fixes being done to have the first beta version of my to-be debut book, I’ve decided it’s time to reveal some bits about it. I guess that after a year of writing this kind of posts and only hinting, it’s about time.

Read on for the first bits to be revealed.


I guess just saying ‘fantasy’ would not be enough, considering the branches and subgenres and so on. I had a look at how it seems to be classified and the best fit would be probably sword and sorcery subgenre. Maybe epic fantasy would fit as well, in size if nothing else. It has some other themes as well, including coming of age elements (including first romance) and light vs. shadow theme which is pretty much the main thing.


In the earlier drafts, it was reaching close to 250.000 words (for the lack of better comparison, the longest Harry Potter book is somewhere around that mark) but it went down during drafting and as of writing this, it’s down to 210.000 words.

That is for book one. It’s going to be a trilogy and the books should be roughly the same length though I don’t dare to guess how much will it fluctuate during drafts.

Potentially sensitive content:

I guess that mentioning ‘first romance’ elements makes it obvious there might be some intimacy but I’m keeping these elements on the lower end – they are there only if it makes sense for the story and/or character progression and definitely not too explicit.

As for cursing, I think the worst words used are ‘damn’ and ‘hell’. Not a single F-word.

There’s some violence, which is obvious for a story where the main enemies are demons in almost unending numbers – they won’t defeat themselves, someone needs to kill them. There’s no overdone gore though a few will go out spectacularly. Still, the description is never so detailed it would cause someone to squirm. Overall, the action should be pretty much safe.

In conclusion, I see it as 15+ content.


Before I share it, I’ll say that I was, since the start, working on it under a working title “Project Eternity” and that all the files (the books, the side notes, an archive of deleted scenes and so on) still have that name.

Truth is, I have names for all three books already. I’ll not share it for the second and third yet but I’ll share it for the first.

Eternal Defenders.

I originally considered that only for the series’ name and going with the full ‘Order of  Eternal Defenders’ name for the first book – obviously named after the main faction – but it felt far too long. So, the series and the first book will be named the same.

I think that’s what I’ll say so far. I’m still choosing what to show as an early sample, something that I’ll put up in time. Later this month, most likely.

Depending on how well things go in beta phases, I’m aiming for second half of 2019 for it to be done.



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