“You might like this”

So, today, I am to share my thoughts about one of the things that can be useful, but can also cause you to facepalm hard. recommendation systems. What made me wonder about this more the last days? YouTube.

I was watching metal covers of game and film soundtracks, so as good as it could be, it recommended things to watch next. Since I have some other related things in my watch history (like best-of scenes or videos showing making game/film weapon replicas) it went quite well on pointing me to what I might know. Heck, I found some really good stuff there. Since I was in the rare mood when I felt like actually giving a thumbs up, I was logged in for all of the time.

Fast forward three days. I watch one of those things again. And that’s when the hilarity kicks in. Many of those were in the recommendation with the usual text “you might like this” (in my language). You don’t say? (I was so tempted to insert the Nicolas Cage meme…) Of course I might like this, I played it 10 times in a row the other day…

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Book review: Soldier saved

Fourth book in the Teralin sword series, and one that I went through really fast. I had it read some 30 hours within release, which says much I guess. Again, I’ll do my best to avoid even small spoilers.

Anyway, the fourth book follows the events of second book, starting a few months later when Endric returns to Vasha from his journey ‘to his roots’ in the third book. He would like to say he’s returning home, but he can’t be sure anyway. He was away for almost a year, and he returns to see that much has changed.

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Placeholder: blessing or curse?

This is a thought that returned to me today: is using placeholders (mostly for names) when writing a blessing or a curse? Can it get out of hand or backfire?

When I started working on my fantasy story, even before writing, I knew that naming the characters will be probably the hardest part. I always had troubles with coming up with names, even for my game characters, especially in World of Warcraft, Diablo 3 or even The Sims…

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Typical autumn?

So, the last few days were a bit busy for me. I finally did what I promised for two months and created the few maps for next year’s hikes, but that’s not as important. Weather was now suspiciously great for this time of year. It’s not too often when mid-October would be with temperatures around 20°C in central Europe, even more rare to end up around 25°C.

Autumn scenery.

So, I went for another hike during the Saturday. It was not that interesting to give it separate post, merely a relaxing walk through the colourful forests. As as it tends to be in this time of year, it’s great time for picking some edible mushrooms and in that place they grew in such numbers that one could go harvest them with a scythe and wheelbarrow.

That day, it was probably somewhere around 18°C. It was even warmer during the days after, and in the end it was the perfect way to get some fun in the sun, maybe last time this year. Maybe, because I said it during the previous hike…


Perfect weather for outdoor sports.

I guess that these days, no one really knows what the weather will do. Anyway, I guess that’s all from me for now…

Setback or chance for improvement?

It’s a bit over two years since I started working on my story. I hoped to have the first book done in summer 2018 and in a way, I am on track with that. Yet, there’s one big trouble: the intro as I call it, or prologue if I used real book terms.

The amount of information I need to put in the early part to set up the world is just too large for something like a prologue, if it had the size of one chapter. In that way, it feels too dense on information yet does not say enough. It’s something I suspected since the start and was not sure how to deal with it. Now that a friend who is one of my alpha testers pointed out this problem even more, I realized it’ll need serious revision. Truth that I tried to ignore, curse me…

At this point, I consider my initial plan for Summer 2018 release pretty much scrapped, no matter what approach I take. Once again, my working title ‘Project Eternity’ is becoming the harsh truth. So, what are my possibilities at this point?

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E-book experiences: is piracy overrated?

Here I come again with another story about my e-book experiences. I know that this might be topic that goes into speculation a lot as either side in this conflict tries to make the impact look in their favour (there were cases when developers were inflating piracy numbers to make it look like more severe problem and vice versa). I am not here to advocate for any side, but to share my thoughts.

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