Typical autumn?

So, the last few days were a bit busy for me. I finally did what I promised for two months and created the few maps for next year’s hikes, but that’s not as important. Weather was now suspiciously great for this time of year. It’s not too often when mid-October would be with temperatures around 20°C in central Europe, even more rare to end up around 25°C.

Autumn scenery.

So, I went for another hike during the Saturday. It was not that interesting to give it separate post, merely a relaxing walk through the colourful forests. As as it tends to be in this time of year, it’s great time for picking some edible mushrooms and in that place they grew in such numbers that one could go harvest them with a scythe and wheelbarrow.

That day, it was probably somewhere around 18°C. It was even warmer during the days after, and in the end it was the perfect way to get some fun in the sun, maybe last time this year. Maybe, because I said it during the previous hike…


Perfect weather for outdoor sports.

I guess that these days, no one really knows what the weather will do. Anyway, I guess that’s all from me for now…

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