9/2021 Writing update

After a couple months of slack, I’m back to writing, yay!

I’ve been doing very little writing over the previous months, for various reasons, until the end of August. Since then, I’ve been receiving feedback from one of my betas – at a higher pace than I initially expected. At the point of writing this, I have her feedback up to chapter 37 (out of 62) – the beginning of the month had me at 7/62. I’ve delved into editing the surface issues more than anything else, as I’ll need the whole feedback for deeper issues.

Thus, my focus is mostly on all kinds of typos, lack of detail, lack of clarity, delving deeper into character motivation, and other similar aspects. I’ve, so far, edited 25 chapters, though most will see another round as I look into wider connections, and yet another round at the end of this draft. Most of the edits were on a smaller scale though one scene faced a major expansion (which is yet to be finished as my first edit didn’t cover all the ideas).

There were also quite embarrassing issues caused by prior edits – such as a sequence I changed from five characters taking part to just three, but still mentioned “five adventurers” in several places. Many scenes I heavily adjusted (or outright rewrote) in the previous draft had severe issues coming from the fact it was fresh content – typos, structure, dialogue flow, etc.

On the upside, it seems there aren’t any major issues with the story (at least so far) which gives me hope that further edits won’t have me boiling my brain when trying to solve some major plot hole. At this point, it seems it’s more about my “mechanical” shortcomings when writing rather than in the story itself.

So, that’s a quick monthly update. The next month should see some more writing activity, so the next draft is hopefully ready in November or December for another set of eyes.

I hope September had seen you well, and so will the next month.

2 thoughts on “9/2021 Writing update

    • Thanks. Personally, I find editing more tiring than writing new stuff – it sometimes feels like a lot of time for little progress. Sometimes, I have to stop after two hours while writing new scenes, if I get in the mood, is something I can push for half of a day. I guess I need to see the before and after for the worst passages to truly see the difference.


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