2/2020 Writing update

February is over and thus it’s time for my monthly writing update. The month had brought some change in my life which had some impact on my writing – more on that soon.

I’ve been hinting a coming change in past but I generally don’t like to talk about things before they’re official and, in general, not too much about the non-hobby parts of my life. So, I’ll keep it short: I’ve been finally hired in a full-time job (and I say it now: no further details on that are likely to be given).

Which also means a drop in the amount of free time I had – and which I was organizing very poorly. Okay, I haven’t been organizing it at all. Anyway, it means I can’t really write on a whim anymore and my writing sessions will most likely be bonked to weekends – but they were, for a great deal of the month, suspended.

That was not as much because of starting a new job – one of my betas had finished the story and I was analyzing the feedback without yet acting on it (I want to get some distane first, then make a second pass, and see what I’ll decide to do). The swap I started in January is also on hold for now as the person is busy in her life. On the other hand, I’ve started a swap I’ve been ‘negotiating’ since December – and received feedback on the first two batches, which I’ve also noted down – while giving my feedback as well.

Thus, I have some notes made but no idea yet how and when I’ll act on them – I’ve made some edits in the last three days, to roughly three or four chapters. I have a pretty specific idea for edits in two more scenes but I’m yet to figure out the rest. In general, it seems the story is in decent shape story-wise but needs better execution in descriptions, dialogue flow, emotions (especially the last ~40%) and some other kinds of polishing.

I think I might be able to stay on track and start looking for a cover artist by mid-spring in preparations for finishing the book for late autumn – by which time I’d like to have #2 beta-ready – but it’s hard to guess what the future will bring.

So, that’s all I can share for my February progress. See you next time.

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