6/2019 Writing update

A month has passed and I have to admit, not much has changed for my writing since the last time I wrote this. Now, why is that?

First of all, I am still in the stage of looking for betas – which is proving difficult (though I’ve expected that). I attribute this simply to the massive imbalance between supply and demand and the fact I am still trying to find my way around.

I’ve mentioned at the end of the previous month I’ve written a prologue of the prequel currently under working title Legend of Sagittus and, in the first day of June, I’ve written two more chapters, before my writing break started. Since then, I’ve made some progress but it was mostly theoretical – having some ideas and thinking about how to use them. I have some decent ideas for the end of that story but I still don’t have enough specific ideas to push it in that direction. As it’s something I’m unlikely to release into the world sooner than mid-2020s, I feel no pressure on that front and just write the ideas down so I can come back to them any time.

I’ve mentioned it in my recent post that the heatwave here in Europe had some effect on my willingness to read and it probably had some kind of effect on my will to write as well – not knowing what might be needed when it comes to future edits of Eternal Defenders makes me reluctant to delve deeper into revising the to-be books two and three.

After the weird dreams I had mid-month, I’ve got a few ideas (unrelated to the dreams) I might want to explore, even though I don’t know yet when and how they might fall in place. It’s something that helped me slightly – while I am a bit stuck on deciding how exactly to progress, the fact I manage to get some slivers of ideas means I haven’t fallen out of touch with my creative side.

In the coming days and weeks, it’s likely most of my writing-related efforts will be still aimed on finding potential betas more than actual writing. Furthermore, I’ll be co-organizing a hiking event in August which’ll take some of my attention as I’ll need to finalize the schedule. Part of me hopes that wandering the land and discovering new places will then nudge my imagination back into action, even though I fear the amount of projects in-progress might be getting too high for my liking.

As for the summer, I’ll probably go down to two posts per week, as I’ve hinted already. I have a 7-post mini-series prepared and I will probably release them weekly (exact plan not finalized yet). I am also drafting posts looking back to the past of my writing as I am getting near the 4th anniversary from giving writing a try. I’ve already gave a hint of that in my look back at school essays.

Anyway, I’ll wrap it up here, with a wishes of nice summer.

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