Book review: The Grand Betrayal

After almost a month of break, partially caused by the heatwave, I returned to reading, with the intent to read the last book of The Lost Prophecy series. And the readthrough was as awift as the pause was long.

The early part of the book focuses a loton Jakob and his attempts to learn more about his enemies – and leads to some not-so-pleasant (for him) revelation about his brother’s past.

This part gets me to something else: the title. Since the sixth book, I’ve been thinking where it might lead or what kind of hint it might be. Considering how tangled the story is (and it gets more tnagled with each book), there were maybe far too many options.

Scottan’s fall to darkness and opposition of Jakob could’ve been one. Raime himself might’ve been another, whether in the past (Raime’s fall to darkness) or some grand scheme in the present. The inner conflict within the conclave or the past conflicts within the damahne were all possibilities – and it was unrevealed until the very end.

One by one, the plot threads were brought to some kind of conclusion, cascading towards the final showdown. In a similar manner to the previous book, that final showdown was relatively short, even though pretty much anyone who had an impact on the story converged to one place – and had a role (even if minor) to play in the resolution.

Again, I can’t go into too much detail without spoilers but there’s one small thing I appreciated and can hint: the parallel between the end of Teralin Sword series and the end of this series.

D.K.Holmberg hints he might return to this world in time – and I presume it means another series as Teralin Sword was written along with this one. There are still some secrets unrevealed, especially when it comes to some of the more mysterious characters (Novan and Tresten, to be specific).

Read date: 26.6.- 28.6.2019
Published: 12.9.2017
Goodreads/Amazon rating: 4,44/ 4,5
My rating: 90%
Length: 376 pages (kindle edition)
My highlights

So, I am leaving this world behind, at least for now. I admit I wished some characters from Teralin Sword got a bit more screen time or at least a few more mentions about their fate but I admit that’s just personal curiosity and not really a flaw of the story.

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