Forging a character: Captain Damian

In my elf-centric story, Captain Damian was the first major human character. Even though his beginnings were humble (regarding his presence in the story), he became a major supporting character. Today, I’ll look into the process of creating him.

Background: forging a world

Without delving deeper into the world-building background of my story, Damian might’ve never came to be. I needed to draw a sketch of the map to realize some things, including where some factions reside.

Part of this was the creation of Twin Watch city-state. Twin Watch is a place where the humans and the elves co-habit, founded when the demons first attacked. It was to be home to the soldiers watching over the Eighth Gate and their families. As it was between the terittories contolled by elves and humans respectively, this joint-force base was created. Eventually, it grew into a city-state thriving on trade between the two races, acting as a middle-man.

Damian’s role

Captain Damian was not to be the leader of Twin Watch forces in the truest meaning. He is not the one to make decisions but the one to see them carried out. Yet, through this, he gained much respect, to the point the ‘supreme’ leader of Twin Watch forces, Commander Altair, considers Damian one of the best soldiers under his command, and a good advisor.

Damian gained respect thought experience – he did all he could to keep the land as safe as possible.

Getting into the story

Damian appears close to half-way through the first book, leading a small group of Twin Watch soldiers to assist elven forces dealing with a troll problem. In that, he’s a minor character – he leads the forces into battle and that’s it.

I had not planned much for him, at least not initially. It was possible he’d be one-time appearance… until I started working on the second book. Damian is someone to have very little screen time but he makes it count.

Eventually, the story took him down a way I did not expect for him – but that’s something I can’t just mention as it’d be a major spoiler for the second book.

So, this is a short look into another character. Again, I am limited by the potential of spoilers when it comes to what I can share. So, as a last bit, his appearance in the second book will eventually let another character become more relevant and show a bit more about the politic background and Twin Watch itself.

That’s it for today, see you next time!

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