Reading in heat and weird dreams

I haven’t been reading much the past few days and for someone used to mild (25°C being the top) summers in my childhood, 35°C feels like a hell. It brings some challenges to my hobbies – and I’ll share some of them.

A significant part of the problem is that I overheat easily and sweat a lot (especially on the move, which I had mentioned often in my hiking posts). It makes physical activity more tiresome and somewhat inconvenient (unless you can just jump into a stream when you’re done and alleviate some of the discomfort).

It also makes finding a comfortable position for reading very had. I am a bit picky and a chair just doesn’t work well enough for me. Sitting or half-sitting in bed is not comfortable either in this hot weather, let alone the idea of lying down. Even if I wear only the necessary amount of clothing. Thus, my reading is pretty much put to halt while I struggle with the weather more than lack of desire to read.

As I’m waiting to hear from the one beta reader so far who I’ve got into contact, I also put my writing on halt. Combined, this means my imagination is pretty much on vacation – which causes some side effects: weird dreams. I’ve always been in love-hate relationship with them: they can be funny distractions at times but can also make me wear a “WTF?!” face for a day or overthing the nonsense I’ve seen in them.

So, I’ve decided to share the snippets of the three dreams I’ve remembered.

Something about orbital space station above Saturn testing a propulsion system based on Deuterium and Uranium as fuel, for interstellar travel. Most of what I remember is that the sight of Saturn from so close (roughly a double distance of the largest ring, 30° north from Saturn’s equator) is breathtaking.

My Monday weird dream

Now, I don’t even know if those two substances can be used as a fuel in space. I vaguely remember they are used for nuclear energy and were related to nazi attempts on the construction of nuclear weaponry.

Something about hunting a creature resembling an ettin from World of Warcraft in some kind of deserted former chateau dressed like a secret agent while driving a cabriolet from the 1920s and a modern sniper rifle.

My Tuesday weird dream

Now, this is the type of wild crossover that lets me wearing the ‘WTF’ face for hours. Like, what the hell, brain?

Some kind of tall wall on a seashore (maybe to hold the tides? no idea). During the low tide, the character I was in and a few others, we descended down to the wet sand and one of us found a lever masked in some kind of pole. Pulling it caused another tidal wave that almost washed us away, dropped the water level further 10 meters, and exposed some kind of former bunker with almost-empty crates of rations and a six-packs of Czech beer (still full).

My Wednesday weird dream

I am not even a beer drinker, for hell’s sake – I drink like three or four beers per year and that’s only when it’s the best of all bad choices. But it was a local brand so my patriotic part got some small spotlight.

Part of me regrets I haven’t ever trained my imagination to use these things – otherwise, some of them might be decent idea for random short stories. But, then, I can share them like this and maybe someone will read this and it’ll poke their own imagination? Who knows…

This is all I’ll share for today. Feel free to comment.

See you next time.

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