Writing thoughts: fingers too fast

My to-be debut is getting closer to beta stage. At this point, I think I can state that I believe it’ll go well now. I am currently making grammar and spelling pass to be ready for the first to-be beta version and thought that I might share the most frequent mistakes that I made when my fingers struggled to stay at the same speed as my mind, one way or another.

Note: Since I am not living in an English-speaking country, my keyboard layout is slightly different, especially when it comes to non-letter keys.

  • The Shift thing: At times, it feels like my finger on Shift key can get quite desynced from the rest; to the point where I either press it with bad timing and the letter is not capitalized, or hold it too long getting me to have first two letters capitalized. Annoying, really. I often have the same problem with apostrophes.
  • Keys too close: sometimes, it feels like some pairs of keys must be closer to each other than they appear. The U-I-O trio is especially sneaky, more so if I am writing in the evening with less light around. It’s even more annoying when I want to have something in italics but it gets underlined instead. Ctrl-U and Ctrl-I are the worst trap for me.
  • Similar words: sometimes, my hands are too fast and it gets me to make mistakes that I would laugh at if I saw them normally. Things like though/thought and such, where missing the final letter makes quite a difference, are the worst because base spellcheck won’t catch them. Each proofread I do myself, I find more of those.
  • Gender pronoun swap: in a few scenes that are a dialogue of two characters of different genders, and I had decent idea where I wanted it to go, I was writing so fast that sometimes I used he/she and his/her for the opposite gender. Mostly because I was already thinking about the next line.
  • Name change: this was a thing in the earlier stages where many characters had placeholder names and I rotated through several concepts before choosing a final version. The result was that when I went on with writing, I stopped to think what the current name actually is and several cases eventually had to look at a table where I had this noted. Sometimes I still used older version when my fingers struggled to keep up with my thoughts. At least that issue is mostly gone now.

So, these are some of the mistakes I made (and probably will continue making) in drafting phases. I only hope I’ll catch most of them during edits, though I realistically know it’s impossible to discover everything, no matter how much I try.

If anyone reading this wants to share their own experience, I’m always up for discussion in the comment section.

One thought on “Writing thoughts: fingers too fast

  1. I am not a writer, and I have no clue at all. But I am so incredibly impressed of what you are doing, and how hard working you are to get it all done. You have my deepest respect.
    Keep up the hard work and you will succeed ☺️
    Sweetest regards


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